Israel: Ashkenazi Jews sterilize the black Jews, and poison palestinian land. Maybe Obama hates Netanyahu for these reasons.

Theresa May mustn't ban Trump, she must ban the ISIS apologists. Ok?

My Positivist Friends, would Lord Black save us from Caitlyn Jenner?

Ntkozo Qwabe is an ISIS sympathizer, he must be deported.

Rhodes must stay. And Ntkozo Owabe must f***k off. But the real enemy is the lefty marxist establishment that backs him.

You can't wait until they make it illegal to go riding in GlenEagles because it's not "diverse". Act soon.

Why don't they simply admit that "Far Right Wing" Parties are normal people?

Who said: it isn't Fascism this one. It's slightly worse.

NWO behind Oxford's removal of Cecil Rhodes Statue. And also behind the de-westernizing of the curriculum.

Merry Christmas in this Joke of a Christian Country.

Rhodes was morally superior to the cannibals and clitoris's cutters he was racist against.

DOUBLE SCANDAL: Erdogan refurbished ISIS with Gas Sarin and John McCain blocked American Pilots from bombing ISIS Oil tanks.

Iain Duncan Smith is going to support the out-of-the EU campaign. He's the very best: it means Brexit is certainly better for UK economy.

Danish Imperialism or allowing immigrants to claim the right to have a servant?

Trying to Videocast

To Remove Rhodes Statue because you are no racist is like destroying Palmira's Temple because you are not pagan.

This Chaos will become a Hell if we don't stop it. And not everyone in Europe wants to do it.

Dear Readers, message from the Editor...

Assassin's Creed: In Israel to incite to the homicide of non Jews is not a crime.