Be careful about the British Broadcasting Communism (BBC)

 I'd like to warn the all Anti-Illuminati gang, which I proudly promote and belong to, not to fall into the trap of believing, not even for one second, that the attack of the BBC to David Cameron's government is anything like anti-elitist: if they attack Cameron, it is solely for the good things he does. I'm talking about Infowars fear that Cameron is going to shut down non politically correct websites, because the BBC says like this, the story is a bit different. Don't trust the BBC "et dona ferentes" (and when it brings presents indeed.). 

The BBC hates the appointed Secretary of Culture John Whittingdale precisely because he's not Left-friendly, having voted strongly, the way I would do, against gay weddings and the equality Bill. Moreover the BBC has campaigned politically for the Labour Party instead of remaining neutral on the base that both Tory and Labour voters and supporters ( not to talk about the Ukippers and BNP) equally have to pay the license fee, so the BBC shouldn't be managed as if it were a property of the Labour Party   as it is managed now. Whittingdale wants to
scrap the license fee. The BBC alias the British Broadcasting Communism is trying to use us against a government that may allow more free speech than the politically correct Labour supported by the BBC. why doesn't the BBC allow anti-abortionist journalists work within itself? Why doesn't it allow people against gay weddings talk in its stupid talk-shows? Why does it show the web-page of Whittingdale where it is proven that he really voted against the equality Bill (don't be impressed by the word "equality", it was anti-freedom) and against gay marriages as if it were the evidence of some sort of opinion crime? Now they want to be helped by us to keep the money of the license fee claiming Cameron will introduce limitations to free speech, while the only limit to free speech won't be the so called hate speech, that doesn't exist as a crime, but will be the so called "Instigation to crime" basically, if an Imam says "Kill the gays" that's a crime, if he says "I don't like gays" that's not a crime. Because free speech is one thing, instigation to crime is another, moreover the Tories were given freedom of conscience on the vote about gay weddings, also Nicky Morgan voted against it and was appointed Education Secretary again, try and do it in the Labour Party or at the BBC and they expel you through a Soviet.  This is for Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars who wrote this article, watch out. Moreover, also Theresa May as Home Secretary is doing well about immigration (because it is immigration it's not "migration" people come but don't go away) which the British Broadcasting Communism can't stand because, for some reason or another they want more immigrants like Tony Blair whom they glorified while he was destroying the Country. So please, Resistance, pay more attention to political details.