Casual sex in England has become the nightmare of the day after: too many rapes and rape allegations. Going back to the wedlock or going back to the brothel?

The #notguilty campaign is being used also to make pass the law about non real consent that, outlaws automatically having sex with a drunken woman....Don't believe that this isn't the consequence because it is this.

The blond beautiful woman in two of the pictures is a woman I used to hate. Brooke Magnanti, I am against legalization of prostitution, but honestly, casual sex in Britain has become so dangerous that english men can be arrested even if the woman gave drunk consent to having sex, in some cases  she was seen throwing herself at a  man she later accused of rape and even say heavy sex language like "f**k me" since she's drunken, she's deemed not in condition to truly give consent. Amen. I strongly suggest men to not have casual sex with drunken women because now it's getting serious. i do not approve this law, if it passes, but if it passes it will be respected, I sugggest strongly to not push binge drinking and to warn women about it, but people who did it in England were accused of blaming the victim, this is the smooth part of the #notguilty campaign, which is, in fact, a campaign 

against the puritan people who tell girls not to drink too much because it's dangerous. the organized feminists are behaving a bit like the panders  who push girls into doing risky things and when things happen they wash up their conscience sending more men to jail. I have read articles pushing drunk casual sex on the Telegraph and everybody can read also the suggestions to use the f*word, which means have sex with, you know, and that the new elegant types use with its true meaning, to feel used the day after, but I am victim blaming. The lurid campaign is structured like this: 

1) They take a true rape case, a case that's beyond doubt a rape. 
2) They criticise the bigots who would be doing victim blaming, wrongly, in this case.
3) They apply the same rule in cases where the woman gave drunk consent to sex, or even asked for sex herself, as if the cases were the same. 

They did it also when they legalized abortion, insisting only on the cases of victim of rape and then applying it in any case. Notice that, without rape, the feminists wouldn't exist, they talk only about it. And use it to push wrong things. 

But now I'm beyond it, I want to help men: don't you have casual drunk sex and stop. Contain yourself. 
Maybe Brooke will open a n elegant Brothel somewhere in London and with a couple of tens you'll have : 

1) A woman who's not drunken. 
2) A woman who doesn't sue you for rape the day after. 
3) A woman who's just as likely to infect you with HIV than a girl  who has  one night stands.

It's horrible, I know, the only alternative is to get engaged to a good girl who doesn't get drunken, marry and go in bed with your wife. Which is the option that I prefer. I've been reading with a bit of outrage   the scandalous article where a Judge, Justice Males, who sent to jail an alleged rapist, was accused of victim blaming only for, paternally, warning the girl about the danger of excess of acohol.  After the Police was banned from warning women about which situations are potentially more dangerous. No, the feminists don't want to prevent rape and don't want to see the good girls come back, they  just want to send men to jail. Men can only be faithful husbands or go to the brothel. And the brothel is less dangerous, prostitutes are more honest, for once I agree with Brooke.  Unless people really agree to stop the habit of casual sex and that would be a good thing.