Mark Zuckerberg, the military apparatus and you.

There is something about Zuckerberg. Last time a saw a picture of his, he was in the hot sun of California with the wife surfing and there was a lot of light in it. I like the Zuckerbergs because he didn't marry a supermodel twice as tall as he and possibly much younger because he made a lot of money: he married his real girlfriend and I like this, that they look like a normal couple and I hope he won't divorce to marry a trophy wife who'll be twenty-five years old when he's fifty and for me, these things count to have esteem of a person. But there is something about Zuckerberg. Last night, I found myself thinking, strangely, "Mark Zuckerberg is like the seaside in winter." "Il mare d'inverno" in italian, which means it is the inner part of me working. Why? All this sun, the surf, California, the college, the "real" girlfriend and I tried to correct my instinct and said "No, look, Paola, he's everything but that."
Then I decided to go after my instinct instead of correcting it and yes, Mark Zuckerberg is like the sea in winter. Cold and not safe to try and swim into it. Who tried found this:

Here's a video about Zuckerberg and facebook collecting and storing forever the data you, anyhow decide to give them, about how facebook can track you even when you log out and about the key people of facebook linked to the CIA and the military statal apparatus, I link these three videos not to break the copyright by framing, but watch them (click on the images, thanks). Then the similar Israeli flag on the inner side of the "infamous" hoodie, but obviously that's not satanic and it is untrue that

there is the baphomet picted in it, there's no baphomet and the Israeli flag is normal to wear for a Jew, if an italian american wears a t-shirt with an italian flag on it it is normal too, in America many people do it as a form of pride for their ethnicity. I believe that Zuckerberg is connected to the military defense apparatus and agencies, but he's not Illuminati. When we talk about the Illuminati we are not talking about soldiers and spies, we're talking about people who do pagan or satanic blood rituals, I don't believe Zuckerberg ever did anything of the kind, I don't see him participating to a black mass or a ritual abuse. I can see a strongly pro-Israel american Jew, but that's not a secret, moreover, say what you like, but Facebook is helping the Resistance as a fact. People like me have had comments deleted on various online magazines, but on facebook they allow me broadcasting my articles and also Infowars and David Icke are hugely helped by the network, so, let's stay real and try to understand what's going on really. What's privacy? When I post a message on facebook I want people to read it, but I do it almost always only to promote this website, I don't write on facebook "I like Peter, but, since he doesn't like me I'm dating Jack..." which some users, particularly at the beginning of the facebook era did it and got ruined, we know some people divorced, and everything looked like we couldn't possibly control it, but that was originally the "real" facebook, now we publish and we're glad to be read by a wide audience, the widest in the world and I hope it won't change. What's a secret? The secret is what we write on our secret diary, lock it with a little key and close it in our drawer in our room and put big books and agenda over it so "mama" doesn't find it, that's a written down secret, facebook
is not for secrets, but, as for the fact that they track us? Computers are trackable, like many handies, we in a way accept it because we have become internet-addicts, we know it and we do it, but is it really the first step towards being chipped, so, even if we don't connect ourselves through a computer or don't bring with ourselves the handy they can't see us? They can see us with the satellite. Probably they can see us in the face. Though this is not being chipped. the chip is something we should never accept. There's still freedom in internet, the freedom to choose to connect and share, but they track us also when we log out, so what? He's helping the Illuminati and he's also helping the Resistance. He's on the borderline between us and them, on the merging point. A dangerous thing to dive into, like the sea in winter.