Today must be revealing Illuminati day: Lynn Forester Rothschild, Lord Carrington, Tara Rockefeller, Nancy Kissinger publicly offend the Virgin Mary.

Christie's wants to auction a picture of the Virgin Mary stained with elephant's shit, pardon, dung, and surrounded by pornographic images of bottoms, I don't want to insult that no one of the painter, such Chris Ofili, I want to insult the puppet-masters of this anti-christianity war and what do I find in the advisory board of Christie's? All the Bilderberg. The Chairman is Lord (they're almost all english aristocracy, thanks to David Icke we know what they do, the f***ing satanists) Lord Peter Carrington (second fotograph), who chaired the
Bilderberg meetings in the late nineties and is against Britain leaving the EU, then we find all the Illuminati last names, that bitch of Lady Lynn Forester Rothschild (first photo, she used to be a nice Lady, after joining the "clan" started looking like a which), that other nympho of Miss Ginevra Elkann (her family owns the FIAT-Chrysler, she distributed in Italy the "intellectual" porn "Nymphomaniac" by Lars von Trier that no one else wanted to distribute in Italy), Tara Rockefeller, Nancy M. Kissinger, this is Christie's advisory board, these are the people who offend the Virgin Mary: Bilderbergers, aristocrats, and anti-christians. 
Message to David Icke: 
David, shame them, but this time, be bad.