We already live in a communist society and we must exit it. Your bakery is not your own, your children are not your own, your pub? It's society's...

Your bakery is not your own bakery; it's a public service that must "serve" society, you are a slave of the customer, you're not the "owner"; you can't decide to allow smoking in your own pub, not even in a private "members only" club, you are not the owner, you are a person who handles it, but the "owner" evidently is the State: this is Cuba, and not libre. You must allow schools educate your children about sex and morality the way the State decides, people must understand that I am not kidding: this is already communism. it's hard to explain to this generation of westerners that this is not normal,
they believe that the communists have lost, but in reality Sovietic Union lost, the communist freemasons in the West they weren't punished or arrested, they were left all free, beginning with the alleged number one: Lord Victor Rothschild, passing through the italian DeBenedetti, the german Inge Schonthal, the french Francois Mitterand, only the President of the french Republic by the way, with wife Danielle and maybe the "good" Kennedy brothers too, none of them was punished, but the kennedys (who were punished in an illegal way and that's not good for the anti-communist cause) and they went on damaging the West as much as they could, and they could a lot. Now, admitting that
freemasonry is not a unique block, because, for example the Bush were strongly anti-communist and till a decade or two, or maybe three decades ago there were still some powerful people who could keep this statalist/judiciary takeover from happening, for example, the name of Sir James Goldsmith was often done, and in the ends we bloggers live on rumours, not being insiders, but some names were done. Now really a judge can rule, above the law, that a bakery is a public service? No, a bakery isn't a public service, the post office is a public service that has got to "serve" society, the bakery is a private business. I'm not saying "there's no such thing as society", but I may get convinced to say it in the future, anyhow a bakery is a private business and the owners can refuse writing "I support gay thing" or anything else they don't like on a cake: they're not slaves of the customers, and I move on...
also the ban on smoking in private clubs is totally incompatible with the respect for private property, because it's not a school or a post office and it isn't even an open pub, it's a place where the members go about only with other members and non smokers can, if they like, have their own non-smoking clubs, it's a place where you are not, under any case, forced to go, often, if you wish to go, they don't even accept you, so why do you want to push yourself inside a club of smokers? No, they haven't got to smoke the same, it's the State that decides; it's like Cuba, you are not the owner of your house, the State is, you are not the owner of your shop, the State is, you can't give a religious education to your children, because the State is atheist and the citizens must be atheist too.
We reached the point that Barack Obama, as President of the USA, said sorry to Raoul Castro in the name of the USA. The USA were right, the Castros were wrong, I'm ashamed that a President of the USA asks for forgiving to a communist dictator, you see that I'm telling the truth? We didn't punish the powerful leaders of communism in the West and this is the result, they went on with the agenda and destroyed the right to private property and religious education. I have the right to tell my daughter, if I have a daughter: "Dear, you can only kiss with your boyfriend and I want you to marry virgin. In any case under eighteen you tell the boyfriend to cool down, after eighteen it's a decision of yours." It's not Brooke Magnanti's daughter, you know, and it's not the school's or the state's daughter and it's not the feminists' daughter, over eighteen she can do what she likes, but under eighteen I am free to give her a traditional puritan education, if I prefer. This fight for family and private property must be fought by stronger people than I, as for the communists we need powerful anti-communists, I cannot do the job by myself, they are too big. In the past we had powerful people against communism and now we need them again, someone please re-organize the anti-communist front, because if it's not the russian anymore it's the fifth columns we left alone because they had relatives inside the anti-communist front. They would have no pity for you and they are killing western culture, it's none of their business if people want to smoke in a pub and it's none of their business if people don't want their daughters to behave like whores, they can keep their hands off the minors instead of asking Tony Blair and his government of paedophiles to tell doctors at schools to give minor girls hormonal contraceptives without the knowledge or against the will of the parents.

Paola Distilo
(This I want to sign it with my legal name, you know, so they can sue me for defamation, the bastards, I don't think they can ever hack my files on a blog powered by google, the way they did with the other website, I'm waiting for them to sue me.)