IMF and IOR under the control of Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, crossing between jewish bankers and catholic freemasonry.

The Anti-White Agenda and who's bringing it about: it's not the Black, it's some white masons, Kennedy, Renzi, Blair and the Supreme Courts.

The Supreme Court of the USA must be abolished. It always legalizes what the Republicans don't want without letting them fight.

What they're doing in the US is unconstitutional: they cannot legalize something nationwide without allowing all the citizens to vote.

Black Right-Wingers.

Obama is not an american: he's against free speech, 1amendment; gun rights,2amendment; privacy,4amendment, and he's on the side of the mexicans instead of being on the side of the US citizens.

Jews, black and sodomites: the new elite. The worst thing ever happened to humanity.

We are seeing a situation where the countries that are more inefficient (Italy and Greece btw) try to impose their will to the efficient ones.

The plan to fill Europe with migrants must fail. Europe belongs to european children, we can't leave them surrounded by muslims and vudu.

We must find a solution for Libya.

I refuse to act as if Lord Janner is "the new normal".

We don't take 1 million refugees. If there is overpopulation is not my fault, it's the UN's fault.

Anti-Semitism is a beast, but also these 4 Jews are beasts - The 4 Jews who are pushing Mass-immigration, Gay agenda, Slutwalk.

The Truth is european culture is better than others, this is why immigrants come, but they can apply it in Africa, if they don't do it, it's because they don't want to.

Why don't they simply stop picking up migrants from the middle of the sea? Or have I got to move to Switzerland too?

Slutwalk feminists make me vomit.

Obama cries over ten dead people in Charleston, but now he wants a nuclear war against Putin.

Italy doesn't belong to Carlo De Benedetti that he can give it to whom he likes. And France and Austria too.

Monsters &Co.

I'd like to inform you that the Roman Catholic Church doesn't exist anymore. Ever since Ratzinger fell.

Osborne is right it should be illegal for a Government to bring a Country in a state of deficit. And Grexit is the evidence of it.