Anti-Semitism is a beast, but also these 4 Jews are beasts - The 4 Jews who are pushing Mass-immigration, Gay agenda, Slutwalk.

George Soros, Carlo De Benedetti, Henry Kissinger and Rothschild, they are pushing, promoting, paying for bringing more immigrants to Europe through the politicians they pay and support and trying at the same time to destroy and criminalize conservative and right wing parties all across Europe and the US. They push till the point they want to make it compulsory the gay agenda, they invented the term transphobia, they want underage children to be checked in case they "don't identify with their genetic sex" and push for the transformation into transgender, both trough the injections of hormones and surgery of these kids before the puberty. They are criminals and they use that bitch of Angelina Jolie to convince the masses that the things they do are normal. They've got Queen Elizabeth of England on their side and the Britons must decide what to do with it. Am I anti-semitic? I would like to know what the Israeli would do, if these pigs did what they are doing in Italy in Israel and opened the doors to muslim and vudu immigrants. Not to mention the rest. The Jews who believe in God must take the distance from this cultural project: these four beasts are enemies of humanity, it's not my fault if they say they're Jews. I'm not scared. Moreover, if a person tells me he's a Jew I can't tell him "It's untrue, you're not a real Jew" because this is something I never do. Like those ones who say "you're not a real christian", we accept that if someone tells you "my name is George and I'm a Jew" for us, his name is George and he's a Jew.