Black Right-Wingers.

The fact that I hate Obama doesn't mean that I hate the Black: I like the black right-wingers, free speech supporters, gun rights supporters, privacy supporters. This shouldn't be "right wing" this should be normal, but the liberals call "far right extremism" if you're against gay adoption, so. Yesterday I was upset, but honestly I have to notice that the USA are full with black patriots and supporters of free speech. The point is  are we going to sue one another for verbal offenses? No. I wouldn't sue a black boy for calling me "you stupid italian bitch" I wouldn't sue him for sexism "bitch" and I wouldn't sue him for racism "italian", I would respond verbally. I would sue instead if someone said about me "that italian bitch who got the job because she went in bed with the boss" I'd sue for defamation in that case. This, once upon a time was normal, now it's right wing. Also to be against gay weddings once upon a time was normal, now it is "far right extremism". Since I'm still against censorship and gay weddings, let's all be right wingers then.
What it is to be a Right Winger:

To be a right winger
Doesn't mean to be white;
Doesn't mean to be male;
Doesn't mean to be straight.

It means to be favourable to
Free speech also in case of sexism, racism, extreme non political correctness;
Suing one another only in case of physical assault or defamation not in case of verbal offenses;
Real right to self defense;
Low taxation and in general recognize the merits of people who have merits instead of saying they are "lucky"maybe they are lucky because they're good at doing a job, but they are really good at it;
Control and defend the territory, make the national borders be respected;
Support the family for the sake of children first, grown ups later;
Don't play the victim and do no not support the culture of commanding because one is/was victim of something, Jews included;
Be indifferent if they call you racist, antisemitic, sexist, apologist of gun violence, because if you are a right winger they'll probably call you like this.

Pay attention particularly to the accusation of antisemitism because everything started with the Holocaust. There is the origin of the new habit of giving never-ending rewards, possibly in money, or even in gold (I'm not joking, Israel wants the reward in gold, maybe the Israelis don't trust the jewish bankers who can make money disappear like Soros), to people whose ancestors have been victims of something.
In any case, stick to Aristotelic Logic, if there's no logic in what liberals say, which happens often, they probably want to trick you.

Privately owned firms, if they pay the wages with private money, can be free to give the jobs to whom they like. This makes people competitive and their success augments.