Damn Bilderberg in Austria. And they want more immigrants. In Europe from Africa. Destroy this thing.

From Infowars reporters, committed to report the Bilderberg meeting about to begin in Austria, there's the news that Kissinger, Rockefeller and co. want more immigration in Europe and the western countries form Africa and Asia in the next years, they probably want to shut us down as a society, they are ordering our politicians what to do and I haven't understood yet why our politicians feel obliged to obey even against their own guts. What on earth can make them so "obedient"? I don't know, I wouldn't obey. They'll tell probably Osborne and the other ministers on the finances what cuts to do and how to go on with the austerity due to the "crisis". Crisis created by them. In the past they gave orders to the italian ministers to cut public sector jobs and they did it, in Italy the jobs in the State-schools diminished of two thirds unifying three schools in one and keeping the staff for one school only. Moreover they ordered to move the production of goods from northern Italy to Poland or Asia and in one summer we lost jobs as workers and obviously also as white collars, I must say, for utmost honesty that among the ones who didn't move were the Beretta gun producers who are still producing rifles also in Northern Italy, if they open new production poles abroad it is a plus, not a substitution of a production pole in Italy, also coffee producer Illy and 
Barilla are resisting, so it is possible not to obey to these monsters, I'd like these people to form a club against the Bilderberg. Kissinger, Rockefeller and Rothschild hate the West, they do not identify with us, they are not basically like us, but much richer, they have a very different culture, they hate us and this is why they want to fill the west with immigrants who, if they are muslims, they'll never integrate, as they haven't integrated till now, as you can see in all the quarters of western towns, may be Milan or Stockholm, it may be London or Amsterdam, as long as a muslim community settles down it looks like another state inside the State, there's nothing to do, Islam is the anti-West and it's not my fault. I hope this Bilderberg thing will fall apart. I am convinced personally that I am not a racist, I've always been a fan on Michael Jackson (when he was black) of Denzel Washington and of Morgan Freeman, who are westerners, I've always said westerner instead os saying white, because for me westerner and white are no synonyms, but I can't stand the anti-West inside the West, they'll want to build more mosques in our towns and they'll want to do it with taxpayers' money and they are asking this to our ministers of the finances at the Bilderberg, they are basically saying that our land is not ours and that we have no right to keep it. Be strong and stop them. I link an interesting video of a conference by David Icke that I want you to watch because it explains the techniques of the Bilderberg group, how they look like us, but don't belong to our group in any way. He's talking about the big elephant in the room. David, you are great.