Did Beatrix of the Netherlands have an abortion herself that the Netherlands have got to interfere with other countries' abortion laws like this?

I did the mistake of going back reading the Telegraph to see if, by the way, I could find something right wing and obviously I can pack my dreams and go to sleep: the Telegraph has been hijacked and stop. I found an article by Miss Radhika Sanghani, ethnic minority woman, abortionist, she wrote a novel about funny losing virginity with no love or passion in the middle, not to mention marriage, she's perfect: stupid, wannabe bitch (but she doesn't look the part) abortionist, neither white nor black, she must have entered the Telegraph per quotas. And she's doing her job. She justifies that from the Netherlands abortionist institutions sell abortion pills to countries where abortion is illegal, you know when they arrest the stupid english girl who goes naked on a mountain that's sacred for the Malaysian, in Malaysian territory, they do it right: be the bitch you are in your own home. In Holland they sell prohibited drugs to the irish inside irish territory, because in their opinion abortion is superior to territorial laws, and they do it, and no one arrests them. No matter what important woman did it, because it is clear that abortion is pushed from the above, no matter whether the Queen of Holland or the Queen of England or Jackie Kennedy did it, because come on these ladies had so many lovers, that either they were sterile or they must have got pregnant  during all their sex history, Jackie kennedy had almost as many lovers as Jack, remember this, and only two children and two miscarriages, no matter what big rich women did it, I say, abortion is and remains killing the baby. I would like to know the real story of this legalization of the killing of one's unwanted children. They can pay as many "journalists" as they like and the truth remains the truth. I'm glad not to have to write for the Telegraph and not to have a director telling me "Paola, write abortion is good, Paola look, write that one night stands, with married or unmarried guys is ok, Paola for goodness' sake don't be so prickly, topless is powerful, write about your knickers, this is feminism". Knowing myself I would kill the director. I would like to have one satisfaction: that the real history becomes public. God, give us this, so they stop saying we invent stories and they lose power and people's respect. Poor Charles, he was gullible and thought Jimmy Savile was good, and excuse me, why such a gullible idiot should sign or decide not to sign british laws? Laws previously approved by a House of Lords where there are paedophiles with dementia. So Jimmy Savile with Prince Charles' pattern of relationship repeats itself: paedophiles with dementia write the laws and the gullible Prince of Wales, become King, signs them. They are joking, aren't they? Considering that the majority of the Britons are disgusted at all this.