Donald Trump will save the West from the dissolution: he's a true westerner and we need representation by people who love our culture.

Power is not an opinion and finally we have a couple of powerful people who truly want to save the West because they are westerners, respect other cultures but want to save "ours" at least in Europe and the USA, because they like to live like this: christian without being bigot, freedom of speech anyway, right to self defense. The West is the Best. We have enough of leftists who accuse westerners to be bad because they happen to be whiter than the average of the earthly population, as if it were an original sin, sick with accusation of being lucky when in reality we just have a culture that works better out of logic, a culture that the people who want to live in the "lucky" west don't want to assume because they haven't understood that all the supposed luck in reality comes from there. Donald Trump is a member of the NRA, with him the Second Amendment of the American Constitution wouldn't be in danger, he's an american and if you don't like the right to self defense you can emigrate to Tibet, Texas is not Tibet, it's better than this ( at least for me). No, the leftists with George Soros at their head want to abolish, outlaw western culture. He wants to protect the southern borders, wants people to have a visa to enter his Country, I agree with everything he said, I'd like something of the kind in Italy too in fact I'm going to support Forza Italia. I know it, they're rich, and that's good for us so they can pay their own campaign by themselves, also Kennedy was rich, also Julius Caesar was born rich, the rich, either they pay someone else to do what they like or they step in and do it themselves, this is not the time to have another Obama in the US and another Renzi in Italy, open your eyes, they are destroying the countries they should run because they are supported by shadow rich ones, Rockefeller and Soros support Obama and De Benedetti and the french Rothschild support Renzi and the result is that our "Prime Minister" and "President" obey to them like pawns, obey to them about mass immigration, about everything that destroys the Country. Berlusconi and Trump will never be pawns because they are too rich and have real power. And we are lucky that they are patriots. Because they are. We are lucky that, they had only women as lovers and are neither gays not paedophiles, if you want to tell the truth you have to admit this is yet another struck of luck. We are lucky that they want to truly protect the national borders from this invasion and in the end they're christians and won't send us to work on Christmas because Christmas is a racist feast. They won't tell us "Have nice winter holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" they will probably really stop immigration: what do you want more, now? That they were poor? Or middle class? Like Obama or like Renzi? They did the money, in the end, they are smart and not lazy. Kennedy once said "The official institutions are the real institutions" yes, with Donald Trump at least you would know that the President of the USA is the one who really takes decisions. Also Berlusconi really took decisions and this is really why the Rothschilds hated him. Beyond the "squillos" who at least, in Berlusconi's case weren't kids. Watch the videos and judge by yourself, Trump talks a clear, non ambiguous, english and I believe he means what he's saying, I hope there will be place for the libertarians too in his team. In the end we must trust someone. Donald Trump at the NRA Donald Trump's interview on foxnews.
Last, but not least, Trump doesn't want to invade Russia and on this point many leftists should agree he's tragically right, because if Obama really does the war to Putin it'll be the real WWIII. And there's no reason: Putin is independent, but he's not an enemy and doesn't put any country in danger, the "excuse" that he may invade Finnland is a lie. Only an idiot would try to invade Finnland and have the NATO against.