Ex-protestant Gotha is really satanic.

When they were protestant they were aggressive, they were bad, but at least they were honest: now they have learnt from their freemasonic friends how to lie, be ambiguous and double faced, how to go church and damn Christ, how to pretend not to see when Rothschild makes them swallow insults to the Virgin Mary, The Lord, the Crucifix, Christmas, Esther and a bit of satanic cult and they stay there like idiots. I don't understand one thing: whether Prince Harry is stupid or whether is inside of it all and agrees. I say Harry because I like Harry, I want to know whether it is a mistake or not. Jimmy Savile was the mentor of Prince Charles, now there's another pander bringing illuminati whore Stefani Germanotta, who stages continuously satanic rituals on her shows and was found leaving a bathtube full with blood in a hotel. On which basis is she deemed fit to sing at a supposed charity event, for children? With a windsor royal in the middle putting his brave face on it. Again. The children, the charity, a royal and strange people around. To respect children they've got at least to arrest and process Lord Janner and stop. They cannot go on with this hypocrisy of the children charities and allow paedophiles raping them and then prohibiting the arrest because the paedos "have dementia" or any other reason, moreover, if this guy votes the british laws in the House of Lords it means that the british laws are approved by paedophiles with dementia. Then the Gotha has no right to use children to save their face and try to look good. Unless they arrest these paedophiles who raped boys I don't believe a single word they say at these charities events, with old panders and naked bloody ladies. I haven't got my eyes shut. The Windors do protect satanic anti-christian artists, push them and make them socially accepted. I haven't understood yet, whether it's they who corrupted Rothschild or Rothschild who corrupted them. Baron Rothschild has got many faults, but at least he doesn't go to church on sunday morning waving to mentally retarded people and smiling despise for the idiots under the nose.