From Breaking the Silence to is all a cry: western armies are not sticking to western values.

In Israel people refuse to become the "racist" and the "bad ones" it just gives them a shocking identity crisis and what happens in Gaza is not the worst that's happening in the western armies, the worst is happening inside the american army and Obama does nothing, but claiming he wants "gun-control" in Texas. Really? Why doesn't he bother checking what they're doing his military in Guantanamo and doesn't process for war crimes his own officers for raping kids and children in front of the mothers in Iraq? No, he, the hypocrite, wants to make a war against Russia, that he cannot win, the way Bush didn't win in Iraq, and for reasons like "the russian are a danger to Finnland" that don't exist: the Russian are not a danger to Finnland, you want to conquer because the Russian are independent from you and the people who put you there. Because the russian could protect Snowden while we inside the EU couldn't. Even if Angela Merkel was being spied on by the americans, Germany, and I say Germany, which is a strong country, couldn't do anything about it. Putin could. This is why they want to get rid of him, I don't support the war against Putin, and Obama should process and make arrest his own soldiers and officers who did use rape and torture as a way to humiliate, annihilate the arab enemy.  Breaking the Silence and were threatened through suspending economic support.  Even if BTS still gets it from Switzerland, AdSense suspended the account of AW. We don't want this, people in the army haven't got to make any pact with the devil, they can be in the Army and not kill if not for defending themselves, it's untrue that "in war those things happen" rape doesn't happen: you do it or you don't do it. American officers gave the order to rape the prisoners to american soldiers who did it. And that's the real problem, not gun-control.