Google Analytics are not reliable. Visits disappear.

To manipulate the statistics of a website is wrong and it is illegal, if you have no ads you get "only" frustration, but if you have ads you don't get paid for the publicity you show. Now I would like to know one thing: is it possible that three visits I had from Belgium totally disappeared? That I have 4 visits from Germany in the section "week" and no visits from Germany in the sections "month" and "All time"? No it isn't. As I remember having at least one visit from Switzerland and from Australia that, again, like ghosts, now I can't see anywhere, they exist but they don't exist. And so on with the little countries that I remember appearing because I think "O, look, a person connecting from Switzerland" and I imagine him in a chalet drinking a hot coffee and reading me, you google don't trick me like this. Just like, on the other website I remember the person from Trinidad and Tobago because you notice it and you are happy, and I imagined him under the sun with shining blue seaside and the palm and an Ice tea

reading me. Where are they? I gather visits, people like me and to make disappear entire countries is not a good strategy not to be noticed, I mean, at that point the bad hacker, if he were intelligent, would diminish the visits from Italy or USA because I have a great deal of them and it is more difficult for me to notice it, but if I pay attention and I'll pay attention, I'll notice it. What if I ask to advertise? Should I lose the money? Or if I have advertising spaces on the blog? Should I lose the page-views and the clicks? If google doesn't want to host my content they are free to kick me away, I know blogspot is for free and I thank them. But I want my visits back and I also want to advertise, I must know which is the audience, and even if I shouldn't advertise I want my visitors back. I have also to complain that, after setting up a nice  "Paola Distilo google+" page if I google it I get images of Saint Francis from Paola and fotographs of the Cattolica di Stilo, don't argue that both are more famous than I because I get there even if I put everything into quotation marks, my public google page is not on google even if I ticked the box that I want to be found in google search. Google hosts for free my contents and helps me technically to get more visits with good tips and if I don't comply with their policies they'll tell me, they ask me if I want to advertise with adsense to augment the volume of visits. The statistics must be real.