I refuse to act as if Lord Janner is "the new normal".

People like to say this: "the new normal" I refuse to act as if shooting people is the new normal. Obama docet, but honestly if someone shot Lord Janner instead of making him rape I don't know how many kids, bringing them in the building of the Parliament, in Westminster, where there are the people who should legiferate to protect them, if someone shot him, he would be a hero. He, Janner was able to rape them instead, with the servants dressed in uniform, allowing the masters to rape kids, because these servants are servants, they're not citizens, they think they really have to obey, they think aristocrats and MPs can rape. They've ben brainwashed into thinking they're being servants is not casual, kind of they needed money and they do the job, no, they believe it's their inner nature. They can stop an MP raping a child, they can also stop the Prince of Wales raping a child, I want to shock them: they can  stop the Queen too. Maybe it is wrong to have a Queen and stop. It is wrong that some people think they are peers and other people are not, the smugness and the accent don't count: these are trifles.The british press is doing its duty, the press is probably the real best thing they've got in Britain, no omertà, they are saying first names last names, places, people around, family connections, dates and nothing happens the same because the CPS, the judges, don't want to investigate and put in jail any aristocrats and any peers. There's a sort of Mafia in the english upper class that's protecting paedophiles and rapists and it's been doing it for years. So when a smug englishman writes comments about how stupid the americans are with their Second Amendment, 
that in his smug british opinion is useless, and even says "we in Europe have more control over our governments than in America" wait a minute, Europe what? In Italy we have control over our government? Or in Britain where your kids can be raped inside the Parliament, everybody knows it and the rapist is left in peace? In Britain where an italian pregnant woman was forced to have a caesarian and the child was in fact kidnapped by the social workers, disappeared and God knows what happened to her and the Britons told the Italians they feel ashamed, but they do it with british children too and Rotherham Police not investigating thousands of rapes, which control do you think you have over your government? When Alex Jones says that if someone wants to rape his wife he would take a gun and shoot he's not an american idiot and Obama, if he weren't the President and had no bodyguards and someone wanted to kidnap and rape his daughters he would shoot too. I refuse to act as if Lord Janner were the new normal. He is not. And don't tell me this is not about gun control because it is also about gun laws and the right to legitimate defense, which includes also defending one's children, but the peers of the Kingdom, don't you see the way they treat you?