I'd like to inform you that the Roman Catholic Church doesn't exist anymore. Ever since Ratzinger fell.

Pope Francis talks about the weather, and this means he doesn't want to talk about the real hot issues: the gender, gay adoptions, the end of the family. This is what a real roman catholic pope should talk about. The real catholic pope cannot be a freemason because all freemasons are automatically excommunicated by the Catholic Church even if their name is not pronounced. It's not me who excommunicated the masons, you know, it's the very same catholic church that did it: they excommunicated themselves by themselves and have condemned themselves with their own words. It's obvious that Francis, friend with Soros, is running away from the gender problem because he doesn't want to have the Elite against. Rumours are that he's a freemason himself and the fact that the lefty-owned media like him is a track that brings there. The Encyclical should have been about sex and family and he knows it, everybody knows it. Is he scared? Did he do the oath of obedience in freemasonry that automatically excludes him from the Catholic Church? Poor Francis, no matter how many idiots clap their hands, I wouldn't like to be in his place. The idiots, in the end, are innocent.