If the Lords of war are at the Bilderberg, they may even do something right.

This is a peculiar point of view, but to be a honest right wing intellectual is a difficult game of equilibrium. Let's put it like this: we don't understand the ridiculous level of security of the Bilderberg 2015, because the Bilderberg is not really secret, there's an official website, elegant and professional www.bilderbergmeetings.org David Rockefeller, half bored half defiant is the member of the advisory group USA, doesn't deny it, gives the list of the attendees, so why are they treating Charlie Skelton and Paul Joseph Watson and the other infowars and alternative media reporters like this? The situation is unreal and a bit kafkian but tougher. I was given this explanation: because there are people who are not on the official list of the attendees, who produce weapons and are discussing the next wars we'd have to embark and they don't want to be seen, no matter if Rockefeller plays it cool. Being a right winger I'm interested in the military actions and I don't always disagree with them, I totally disagree with: torture of the prisoners, in any case, rape, killing children, and chemical warfare. I wouldn't disagree with invading Libya to settle it definitely and with the approval of the other Northern African Countries and Saudi Arabia (sic), because the situation in Libya needs being settled, while I am against the destructive, useless and pretty unjust war against Putin. I don't want to colonize Libya, believe me I just can't stand the mass migration anymore, I would rather want Morocco and other brother arab countries leading the operation and not Italy or a white country, I don't give a damn about colonizing them, but if there is a situation that requires tough decisions is the one in the mediterranean. I tried to wait for the lefty solution and it didn't arrive, they rescue half of the immigrants, the other half drown and we shouldn't be able to set foot on the libyan coast "because it is colonialism". The leftists are drunken, fullstop. If, at the Bilderberg, these lords of the war decide action in Libya they do it right, if they want to act against Putin they do it wrong. And it is about time to put an end to rapes and torture in prisons, really, and to go back fighting in a decent, honorable way.