I'm bored of all these wizards and witches around.

I've finished watching the big interview with Arizona Wilder by David Icke. I don't know what to do with it, the poor Miss Wilder is very courageous indeed, but what she says cannot really be proven. Nonetheless there is a feeling that witchcraft in this society is protected from the above, look at Harry Potter, the books are total crap, I would be ashamed of promoting it because it had to be sold as a book for children, but from the second on it is just a big introduction to witchcraft for adults and the cover for kids was there only to cover the shame. I admire the courage of David Icke and some exorcists have described people transforming physically into something similar to a reptilian during the exorcist rituals, with the long tongue etc. So, all of them witches? Certainly we live in a bloody era where, if hunting is criticized and at times even banned, the elite pushes and defends abortion and late term abortion and introduces the concept of killing newborn babies if that whore of the mummy doesn't want them anymore, I hope, at least this, like euthanesia for children on request by the parents, with the apology that the parents suffer too much in seeing the child in that condition, which happens in Belgium where Miss Arizona Wilder says to
have performed ritual assassination on behalf of the illuminati, won't be legalized, not in Countries that want to be considered civilized.  I don't legalize anything, I was born in Italy, I am witnessing everything, but I don't want to take part in this medical massacre or in any ritual. I'm sick and tired of wizards, I am irritated by that old witch of J.K. Rowling, she cannot write but was used to glamourize witchcraft and the occult, and probably is into it really. They, for
me, are piful, with all their blue or red robes as if they were in a cartoon placed in a false Middle Age, I'm sick with this mixing a game of roles with reality, now we know that the head of the illuminati wants to be called "Pindar", it sounds like the name of a type in a cartoon, I want to be called Goldrake instead. I'd like to know the real name of this Pindar, they irritate me. It looks like a bad cartoon for twelve years old, they must be emotionally retarded and if the world is in their hands, this is clearly why it is going so wrong. Pindar, I hope you are found out by the police and get arrested in the real world. Wish you well my readers, God help. 

P.S. Have you noticed how also Libby Lane, the woman bishop who wants to call God "she" strangely resembles a wizard? It must be fashionable among the upper class. You are no one if you're not in the occult, to call god a woman is evidently changing the God of Abraham with a pagan Goddess, please tell her to go back in the wood with the other witches instead of occupying a christian church.