Italy doesn't belong to Carlo De Benedetti that he can give it to whom he likes. And France and Austria too.

Italy won't win this arm-wrestling with France and Austria for two reasons: they are proud, the french and the austrians, and they are right. Carlo De Benedetti asked/ordered to Matteo Renzi (the Prime Minister, sic) to let Italy being invaded by clandestine immigrants, while he, personally, is safely settled in Switzerland and asked for the swiss nationality, that makes me suppose that the Gotha (that idiot of De Benedetti belongs to the Gotha, unfortunately for the Gotha) selected Switzerland as a safe place for themselves, well, in the package there is also to accuse everybody who's against the invasion or even only in favour of distinguishing between eventual war refugees and clandestine immigrants, of racism and trying to silence them with an accusation that doesn't mean anything anymore. Renzi obeys, but now he wants to impose this system to France and Austria, and even, I was told, Sweden. Italy would deserve being expelled from the EU for what they're doing, they're doing it against the law, because for the law the identification of the migrants and the expulsion of the clandestine and then the resettlement of the war refugees was to be done directly in Sicily, even in the same Lampedusa, which, for example the Britons had proposed aid for. Aid which Renzi refused because the imbecile exile in Switzerland told them, maybe on behalf of Rothschild "no, you have to take them all in, and they - the french and the austrians - have to take them in too". These are the real terms of the situation and I'd be happy, if after this the swiss government refused citizenship and nationality to De Benedetti and I'm serious about it: we italians who want in Italy the same laws they've got in Switzerland are accused of being fascist by all the politicians and newspapers controlled, paid and pushed to power by De Benedetti self. Renzi and De Benedetti moved the lefty rioters of the social centres in Italy against the blocking on the national borders of France in Ventimiglia, they are going to accuse everybody of being fascist and they want to play the tough with the french Gendarmerie, which is ridiculous, the worst thing of all is that the italian government and a man who's asked for the swiss nationality are backing them. For the first time in my life I like the french. I've always hated them, now I'm in love with them.