Jews, black and sodomites: the new elite. The worst thing ever happened to humanity.

We, poor racist christian obsessive with soccer "real" europeans, today have had: a black President of the USA toasting because gay wedding is made constitutional by a jewish dominated High Court. How could it possibly go so wrong? We were right however, not to trust these minorities: they are ruining the countries where they take power indeed. At this point of my life I don't care whether they call me racist: I don't like Obama, I don't like Rothschild and I don't like Caitlyn Jenner, and I don't care if people say it, I don't care if they call me antisemitic or racist or transphobic. And I would like you not to care about it anymore. Don't defend yourself, attack, Obama, after this, deserves all your despise, so does Rothschild and so does Jenner. The new Gotha after the Saxon-Coburgh: jewish, black and sodomites. Begging begging and crying crying they reached the power and now they make you illegal: it's illegal not to recognize gay weddings, illegal not to allow abortions, illegal what else? Illegal to have etherosexual sex, the man may always be sued for rape even if the sex was consensual, illegal not to have one's children exposed to the transgender sex culture. This is it, the new Gotha, the ones we had to tolerate, to be nice to, not to discriminate because they would commit suicide. The black President of the USA is an asshole with a jewish banker financing him, toasting for this triumph of sodomy. We have one guilt: we let them do. I apologize to all the black, Jews and homosexuals who are not involved in this Obama-Rothschild-Jenner project, but they must make their voice heard and turn to the Right, if they are the "liberals" this is it. And no, I don't say sorry for this.