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The first time you are called anti-semitic it's like losing one's virginity: for me it happened a couple of days ago, and why? Because I said that Israel must be burnt down will all the Jews into it? No, because I wrote on an article that I don't want Rothschild to take over russian banks and I was called "You anti-semitic garbage tool of Putin" on internet. I'm neither a tool of Putin nor anti-semitic garbage, but yes, many gerontocrats and their offpsring happen to be, at least officially, Jews. Kissinger, Rothschild, Soros. These people are too big not to be fought off. It's not like you obey to Kissinger not to be called anti-semitic I mean, he takes the full responsibility of what he does. I don't want Rothschild to take over russian banks because I want a couple of independent economic poles in the world, not under their control, so, just in case I need to finance a project they don't like there's a bank that may give me the money. They're cunning the R. not to allow you contradicting them "because you are anti-semitic." Nor that I think it was one of them taking the time to post comments as "TheManOfTheIsles" on internet. Or at least I hope so, in the end it might be that even they use these tools, since internet tempts everybody. But they brainwash enough people to have an army of stupid who automatically call antisemitic or racist the ones who don't want to give them the keys of their lives or their bank account. Nathaniel, go skiing and refresh your mind, I don't want you to take over Russia. Nathaniel Rothschild makes me angry because he closes himself in Switzerland, like the italian Carlo De Benedetti (in the third photograph), who's a Jew too, an atheist one. I also want in Italy the same law on immigration they've got in Switzerland. I refuse Rothschild and Co. to tell me I'm racist because I don't want mass immigration from Africa while they shut themselves in Switzerland as if in a fortress and you can't enter without the full permission of the Swiss state. This is like the billionaires who are against guns, but for their own ten armed bodyguards. No.