NRA vs The culture of the vulnerable.

After a weekend when I teased myself watching people who are perfectly normal claiming they are "vulnerable" and claiming things in change for that: money, places at universities, better jobs even if they are unqualified (see the lefty BBC job advertisements) I finally came across today in two National Rifle Association's videos that refreshed me like a glass of fresh water in the desert: Welcome to the NRA and The New NRA News: Colion Noir. No vulnerable people anymore: strong people who want to fight to get what they like and they're not all white male protestant aryans and not even all perfectly healthy like navy seals, they are perfectly healthy inside. Strong inside, winners inside. Refreshing to see Colion Noir refusing the part of the outcast black guy to say I want freedom, I get freedom, you're a strong man, why should you play the lefty victim on crack? Yes, I like it, because I think that vulnerable people are the ones with a strong physical disability like the down syndrome or a psychiatric mental problem, you're not vulnerable because you're a healthy black boy, you're not automatically vulnerable if you're a healthy girl, and the NRA pushes people to consider themselves strong and eventually to get strong. And you get strong, they get strong. Right wing culture is more natural than the never-ending cry of the victims of nothing. Consider this, I watched the videos from the Goldsmiths University where they've got the lefty obsession with vulnerability and rewarding ethnical minorities beyond any merits, well, first of all I don't see what disability Bahar Mustafa may have: she looks perfectly healthy, arrogant, but healthy, second all these black and ethnical guys and girls don't realize that the majority of the white anglo-saxon protestant straight males in Britain are excluded from the preparatory High schools, excluded from University, if they're not extremely good at business by character, and this happens by chance, by the name they've got,
they will also be excluded from the best jobs for the rest of their lives, and find satisfaction in soccer and beer when, unfortunately, don't turn to drugs. These people who can go to college, black or white, are fortunate because they go to university, that's a great privilege in the UK, but they don't realize it, drugged as they are by the rhetoric of the ethnical minority's misfortune. More than drugged, they are hypnotized by the mantra "I'm an ethnical minority I'm misfortunate, I'm an ethnical minority I'm
misfortunate..." they may do yoga repeating this till they get zombies after Miss Bahar Mustafa. So, watch the videos and refreshen yourself.