Obama is not an american: he's against free speech, 1amendment; gun rights,2amendment; privacy,4amendment, and he's on the side of the mexicans instead of being on the side of the US citizens.

Be honest, if you can. Obama is a globalist he's not an american. Obama didn't really swear fidelity to the American Constitution: he said "no" he didn't say "yes" and everybody listened to it, maybe it's true he wasn't born in the USA, he didn't swear loyalty to the Constitution and he is destroying it, he doesn't like:

Freedom of Speech, 1Amendment;
Gun Rights, 2Amendment;
Privacy, 4Amendment;

He doesn't like America, he doesn't like the USA and he's trying to destroy it, at the border with Mexico he's on the side of the Mexican not on the side of the US citizens (like Renzi and Blair), maybe because he's an immigrant himself. If I went to the USA I would be an immigrant, but I wouldn't candidate myself for the White House, maybe I would do politics, but I would accept the rules: he doesn't. He lied on everything. The americans cannot read what he wrote in the bachelor's degree's thesis, if he ever went to university and took the degree. Some people go to University, but they don't take the degree, like me, or like Mark Zuckerberg or also Bill Gates, it doesn't mean you don't make career, but you say it. And if it is true and we are "white supremacists" which we are not, why can't people read it? Because his professor and mentor was a marxist communist, which makes everything worse.