Slave trade in the mediterranean sea. Interviewed immigrants say they didn't want to come to Europe, they were forced.

Something very twisted is going on about this clandestine immigration from Africa to Europe: it's not clandestine immigration, it's slave trade. I've always wondered, like many European citizens, how is it possible that all these poor have € 5,000 each to pay the mafia of the human smugglers, now the latest news is that the majority of the people smuggled into Europe are not Libyan refugees running away from ISIS, they are sub-saharian africans kidnapped, reduced into slavery by the traffickers, kept prisoners in Libya and then forced into the boats. But why? And who pays for it? In Northern
Africa there are rumours that it's the Libyan government that wants money from western countries to make the human traffic stop.  They already said that they don't accept western people's presence on Libyan territory deciding what to do, because it would be Colonialism, and they are asking something to control the borders: money probably. I'm sorry for all these people, they look terrified, the ones who survive, the others are are dead. This is lefty justice. We are imperialists because we want to control libyan territory. I'm an imperialist.