The Anti-White Agenda and who's bringing it about: it's not the Black, it's some white masons, Kennedy, Renzi, Blair and the Supreme Courts.

Ted Kennedy said that the immigration law was changed by his brother John with the purpose of diminishing the impact of the white majority on american culture, that it wasn't casual, it was meant to "diminish the white". The Kennedys are mostly ginger irish. Obama is black, but they say he's piloted by the Rockefeller who are german blond. Tony Blair was anglo-saxon and Matteo Renzi is italian, Carlo DeBenedetti is a Jew, but in no way he can identify himself as an ethnical minority, like all italian Jews he looks like the others, neither fairer not darker. The Rothschild are german Jews, so is Soros: white blue eyed blond or ginger. So, the anti-white agenda is being brought about by white people. It doesn't make any sense at all. Another german Jew, and a powerful one, Mark Zuckerberg, was told that in facebook's offices there are too many white men and he has to employ more black people and females on facebook, but I don't think that you can work in facebook's offices without having studied information technology, so it depends a lot on the students of this faculty, but he has to give more jobs to black and females, being a woman I may like it, but I can taste the smell of something I don't like instead. First of all, who can tell Zuckerberg whom he has to employ? If a private firm pays the wages with its private money, they can employ whom they choose, because if the employees make them earn or make them lose it's they who'll have to pay or to gain. But the Left is communist: there's no such thing as private firm, the firm belongs to "society", which is untrue. In politics they want to impose the fifty/fifty swedish scheme that means that 50% of MPs must be women even if the card owners of a party are kind of 80% men, they should pick up females and put them in Parliament the same. I don't like it, once I had the card of a university trade union and I had to convince my girlfriends to come to the meetings, they didn't want to come because it bored them and at the meetings we were maybe 20 or 30% girls and the rest boys. I begged them, but they didn't like it particularly, the girls who were there had come spontaneously instead. Theresa May is spontaneously in politics, but to pick up women around England and force them into a Ministry may be dangerous as a move. We never see with our own eyes who are the people who are trying to impose this black/female/gay agenda. The people we see with our own eyes seem quite puzzled themselves but push the agenda the same, they say: "It's like this, society has changed". It's not like this and society hasn't changed you are doing it and you should be able not to do it, if you don't like it. 

The invasion of muslim immigrants was stopped for a while by the italian law signed Bossi-Fini that prohibited to pick up the migrants in the middle of the see, it was basically the very same law they have in Australia, and I think it must become a european law to stop the invasion of Europe. It was quite democratic: we italians had voted Right, the Right-Wing government wrote and signed a law that put an end to clandestine immigration prohibiting to pick up migrants in the middle of the sea to anyone, State or privates and if someone managed to reach Italy illegally the same they had to be repatriated "per direttissima" which means without process, identified and repatriated or, if the illegal refused to be identified they were sent back to the last port before Italy, usually Libya. It worked ten years, but then, on one disgraced day, the f*****g Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional (after ten years it worked, hence my opinion that the judges of the Supreme Court do what they like, not what's written in the constitution) and the illegal intake of migrants started again, moreover the Italian State, now steered by un unpresentable lefty team, accepts that the illegals don't want to be identified and say "they can go where they like." No they can't, and if Libya is good as a starting point, it's good also as a point of return: if they don't let the italian authorities identify them they should be sent back there because from there they came. For me in Libya there can be an international refugees camp, but I don't want it in Italy. The judges of the italian supreme court are italian, in no way they identify with an ethnical minority, people say they are masons and they do what they are told to do inside the masonic lodge. Which is really unacceptable. So, the people who are letting Europe be invaded they are one whiter that the other, but they're all in Freemasonry, also the Kennedys. Who's giving them the orders? I mean, is there a superior level to Rothschild and Soros? 

 At this point there are only rumours, but they are very bad. I tell you as it is, the superior level should be satanist Cardinals who run the IOR the infamous vatican bank. Infamous because it was said to wash up dirty money, dirty like Mafia money, mafiosi in the end they all say they're catholic, like the Kennedys, take the communion and have catholic funerals, christening and marriages even if they should be excommunicated, we talk about money of international narcotraffic (heroin and cocaine) illegal weapons' trade (ISIS and various terrorists) and prostitution. People who gravitate around the IOR sometimes die killed, like the first wife of Sir Evelyn Rothschild, Jeannette Bishop, who was friend with a IOR senior figure, Archbishop Marcinkus, or Roberto Calvi, found hanged in London. As for the black masses or the real satanic rituals in Italy and France there are priests who say, like Father Gabriele Amorth that in the Vatican they did orgies and killed Miss Emanuela Orlandi, whose body wasn't found. People who do orgies they've got the vice, they don't do it only once. And these should be the "real" Illuminati and this is why illuminati culture is full with catholic/satanic symbols.
When people do satanic rituals is useless to ask them why they do something, they always say that a demon told them to do so. The ex-medium contacted by David Icke said that the Illuminati basically ask demons what to do through the medium. These are the people who want to destroy Europe, pope Francis is put there to save face for the crowd, but he wants both immigration and gay weddings. At the Vatican they can do what they like because they've got extraterritoriality, the italian police and carabinieri have to protect them, but cannot interfere not even if they find a dead body, like the killed swiss guard, on their territory. The killed swiss guard was dismissed as having committed suicide but no one believes it, because he got shot in the mouth and moreover a piece of broken tooth was found inside the mouth, which means the gun was forced into it, he didn't put the gun in the mouth voluntarily. This is it, but Europe, if we cannot depend of the jewish bankers, who are a part of our society since the pope prohibited to the catholic to be bankers with the excommunication to just let the Rothschild who were Jews administer its own finance, well, we can't depend on them, always respecting the ones who do the job fairly, and we certainly cannot depend on mad catholic/satanist cardinals who did the vow of chastity and then do orgy, the vow of poverty and run a bank (IOR) vow of obedience and keep both a foot in the church and another in freemasonry, they think they can play the christ and the antichrist, but they can't, they must be stopped. And the Bossi-Fini law, which is the same as the australian, must be applied all across Europe. Valls said we have to live together with the terrorist threat because he thinks we can't shut down the mosques and send back to Africa the muslim integralists, which is untrue, we must shut down mosques and send back to Africa the integralists and stop taking more immigrants. This is Europe, whether you like it or not, it is a dominantly christian and dominantly white land, and it will remain such.