The Man of the Year - Joe Russ Bowman

I take freedom as luxury, but there is someone allowing me and someone who's not. I must thank two corporations: and yes, Facebook. Why? Because someone is trying to hide and bury my pages till it is impossible to find me even if they write my entire name and the title of the post, I'm sorry to say, this someone is at google. But, founded by Mr. Joe Russ Bowman puts my pages on top if people digit my name, in the section google, and even if they digit "freeword and frien.." they find me, and facebook is running a nice advertising campaign for this website, yes, of course I pay the ad. campaign, but that's an extra to make publicity to the website. Yes, freedom is the ultimate luxury, we must also thank the people who allow us to be free in reality, not only in our heart. I decided to name Man of the Year Russ Bowman and not Zuckerberg, because Zuckerberg was already "Person" of the year and prized many times, so I preferred to choose the new one, with one privilege: we still say "Man" or "Woman" of the year and spare people be named "Person" of the year which in my opinion sounds a bit lackadaisical, without energy, it doesn't give me any enthusiasm, it's like the Oscars, they don't say "And the Winner is..." anymore, they say "And the Oscar goes to..." and I don't feel enthusiasm, "The Winner" sounded good "The Oscar goes to" makes me feel like I've got to call him back because it's running away. Well, this website doesn't comply with politically correctness, though I want it to be clean, I don't accept blasphemy or vulgarity as freedom of speech, but I'm the director I can choose.
What's Geeklist? Founded like by Joe Russ Bowman, I understood it's something like a club for "good" hackers. That's a good thing, I can't join, unfortunately I'm not such a computer's expert to be able to join an Elite group like this, for that's really Elite and a good one for once. Do it and do it for us who've got to publish freely: heaven is full of hackers.

Last message to google: come back and list my pages, they won't kill you, I take the full responsibility of what I write, in the end, I say like James Bond: "They know my name".