The plan to fill Europe with migrants must fail. Europe belongs to european children, we can't leave them surrounded by muslims and vudu.

We can't allow our little sisters or daughters who now are three years old, or two or newborn, to live in a Europe with a muslim or vudu majority, they would erode their rights, because of the Giant Jews, Soros, Rothschild, DeBenedetti and Kissinger who are piloting this invasion through their lefty press and their controlled politicians, Matteo Renzi, like Tony Blair, I don't care if they accuse me of anti-semitism, but it is the giant Jews who are really piloting this invasion of Europe, I don't care if the Queen of England is on their side. A King is not the owner of the Country, nor it is the President of a Republic, nor the Prime Minister: they must represent the Country and do the Country's interest. They must, they cannot choose. Soros, Rothschild, DeBenedetti they are not christian themselves and they shouldn't have power over christian countries, they are doing everything in their power to destroy it, humiliate it, they push sex lessons at school where they teach christian girls to behave like whores, they are trying to put christianity outlaw with "their" masonic interpretation of human rights, which push sodomy
and transgenderism, and the press they own obeys, but the press they don't own mustn't obey them, wake up.  The same people who are Jews and to hide, they pay filo-palestinian lefty movement who burn the israeli flag in the riots, and they do it. Soros does it, he's always paying someone to riot, he paid for the riots in Ferguson, when black mothers were stopping their teenage sons from going to the riots, black mothers didn't want the riots, Soros wanted it. Soros pays people to burn the israeli flag in the street because he wants to keep the racial hatred and the racial issue high among the priorities of the governments. The Israelis say I'm anti-semitic? I don't burn the israeli flag, Soros does. They are evil. They are anti-christian and they want to fill Europe with immigrants. There's their fingerprints on all this. As there's their fingerprint on the gay-agenda. It's untrue that gay adoptions are a human right: children are no object, it must be illegal to give children and babies to gay couples. Soros and Rothschild and also the Princes of Wales treat children like objects. Do you think David Icke is crazy when he says they do satanic rituals where they kill babies? I don't think so. Even
only late term abortion is killing the baby and everybody knows it, because everybody can see it. We should take away their money and diminish drastically their power, the power was given to them by the politicians, the State can take it back. Take back the power to control and issue the currency and stop. There's their fingerprints also on the infamous, bestial sodomization with a knife of Muhammar Gaddafi, rest in peace. They are obsessive with Sodomy and male rape, the true rape culture is not in colleges, like those stupid little feminists want to make you believe, the real rape culture is in the Army (many women and men were raped by their colleagues in the Army) and in prison. They are obsessive with sodomy like the gay-lobby in the Vatican that made Ratzinger fall to put a freemason open to gays in his place. Probably they are linked, they control freemasonry: freemasonry is the real enemy, freemasons are the enemy inside our society. No matter whether they're priests, jewish bankers or politicians, they are all together against us, they push, commanded by Rothschild and Soros, gay-culture, abortion and mass immigration. Choose: either stay with Europe or stay with them. Europe must prevail. God have mercy on us and help us.