The Rothschilds want a nuclear war to be able to control also russian money - no, they don't care about the deads, you guessed.

This is not a conspiracy theory: it is a conspiracy fullstop. The Rothschild bankers don't control russian banks, in fact Marine LePen of the Front National and Matteo Salvini of the italian Lega Nord said that "only russian banks gave us the money to fund our parties, all the western banks didn't give us". If it weren't for the russian banks many right wing parties who oppose mass migration, gay-system and all the Rothschild culture wouldn't exist at all. They would disappear. You wouldn't listen about them if not on some internet website, but my experience as web editor tells me that it would be difficult for them in the internet system too for the reasons I jumped into personally: they telephoned google headmasters and obtained that the pages of the anti-Rothschild blogs are hidden in the search engine (this is why I always deviate people towards the search engine unscatter where you find me easily in the google section, which means google has the pages but hides them), not sated, when I launched an ad. campaign through facebook, the campaign was stopped after three days because the banking transaction of the payment didn't go through. Facebook can't get the money, I can't pay and I swear upon my honour I didn't want to steal, for me I had already paid, I have the money on the account but they don't let me use them the way I like. Do you know what it means? They want to abolish cash so they can do this with everybody else too. Don't allow them do war to Russia for two reasons: one moral and one utilitarian. The moral one is that Putin is not invading or menacing either Poland or Finnland, the americans and the pro-Rothschild europeans are lying, the way they did with Iraq, when that upper town clown of Colin Powell went to the UN with a sort of small bottle of something and told everybody "This is Saddam Hussein's lethal weapon" I can remember a french or german politician telling him "Are you joking at us?". No, he wasn't joking, he was lying. And now they lie again. But they cannot win. We didn't win in Iraq, we only made a massacre, Iraq is worse off than under Saddam Hussein, if they really make a war against Russia it'll be WWWIII out of any exaggeration, they'll drag us back into a 1917 condition for their greed. Because they want to control russian banks I have to die or to get poor, I won't die and in the end, if I can do without controlling my damn bank account they can do without controlling russian banks. If I could I would open a bank account with a russian bank myself, so I can pay my debts and buy the things I like. And you heroes, I'm afraid you have little time to stop them. How? If necessary with a bullet in the head (I'm joking) so they learn how to kill, as for I know they are like animals who like the butchery with knives, this is why they want to ban guns: guns are too clean, when they kill they want make people suffer, they have ordered rape and torture because they wanted to see people desperate: they are evil. Inside the Pentagon everybody knew it was Donald Rumsfeld ordering the tortures in Abu Ghraib, against the law, everybody knew there were active generals who were active satanists around General Michael Aquino and no, it's not a fantasy, that dark satanist clown of Aquino, wore a black mantel, yes, they like this sort of theater, and performed real satanic rituals in the army and skull&bones George H.W. Bush knew it, did he participate? Maybe yes, who knows? These are the people who want gun control and the Daily Mail and MSM journalists must wake up about it and sooner or later they will. They want gun control because they like to kill people who can't defend themselves. In Rwanda the Utu vs Tutsi war was such a dirty thing that, even if they had the rifles, instead of killing with a bullet in the head, they used the guns to threaten but then killed with blades and even raped with blades for the sake to make people suffer more. A bullet in the head doesn't really make you suffer, for those animals is too a clean way to kill. At the Pentagon, where they use as official time the meridian time of Zulu instead of Greenwich or Washington, and this is not casual, they have got Zulu meridian time because they go after the vudu wizards of Zulu, laugh as much as you like but it is like this, they like the tribal african style; they are not westerner anymore and can't kill like Gentlemen. We are, and we must take over again against Rothschild and against the vudu wizards black or white. These are the enemies of the NRA, by the way.