The Supreme Court of the USA must be abolished. It always legalizes what the Republicans don't want without letting them fight.

Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court of the USA legalizes abortion without letting the citizens vote; probably when abortion was legalized in America something like the 80% of the population was against it. Now gay weddings, the Supreme Court legalizes gay weddings nationwide without letting all the States participate to the vote. To legalize something nationwide all the citizens have to participate to the same national political campaign and have to vote on the same day and must know that the result of the vote in other states will affect them, so they campaign also outside their state of residence, if they think that what happens in California remains in California they don't interfere. Texans don't care about what the gays do in San Francisco, that's american culture, unless the gays in San Francisco can decide for them.
The supreme Court is made of ten people only, if Soros buys six, he controls America. 
250.000.000 citizens and only ten decide they don't need a national vote to legalize something nationwide: the system is wrong. 
For the kind of Soros Rothschild and Rockefeller to buy six middle class citizens who were particularly good at University and always feel entitled to have more than their middle class parents give them, is nothing. It's people who remain astonished when they see a 5 stars hotel for the first time, they feel entitled to it, but cannot pay, Soros pays. Or when they see a limousine it's like those people who say they can see the Virgin Mary and obey. They are arrogant the judges, they are the guy who was good at school and feels superior to the rich one for intellectual superiority but the rich one can buy him, like those Professors in the University of Oxford and Cambridge totally bought by the money of the rich donors, they feel entitled to have more, they want more and they get corrupted. No ten men should have all the power to decide in the place of a nation if gay weddings have to be legalized or not without the vote. They are a tool of the Left, the Supreme Court always gives a hand to the leftists when the leftists cannot (or think they can't) win democratically. I believe judges should make respect the laws written by the Congress that's a democratic representation of all the citizens or there should be direct democracy with a Referendum. The rest is freemasonry.