The Truth is european culture is better than others, this is why immigrants come, but they can apply it in Africa, if they don't do it, it's because they don't want to.

Christianity is better than Islam and much, far better than Vudu. Judaism makes people who study it very clever, independently from whether they're Jews or not, hence the commonplace that "Ashkenazi Jews are cleverer than average." Kabbalah is near to talking as God. The best societies are christian with some synagogues and some kabbalah centres in it. That is Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA. The rest is third world with Israel fighting crazily in the middle. This is the Truth: the very big enemy of the Left. Or do you believe Africa is a place where, if you apply a western country pattern of society it wouldn't work? No, it would, but they, the africans want to stay vudu and want to stay muslims and this will never change their destiny. I pray God, that everybody knows the truth and anybody is free to decide what to do with himself. I'm sick with the few muslims or hindus who live in the West and dare say "There's no difference, the problems  of our countries is not religion". Yes, it is. It's religion. To pray the Virgin Mary 150 times or to read the Bible and pray God is not the same, let's start with us, and to pray the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or to pray the holy cow or a tree is not the same, to pray and go after Jesus Christ or do what Prophet mohammed says is not and will never be the same. To know the numerology and the kabbalah makes the real difference. I don't know how to tell you and I tell you like this. Freemasonry pushes lies, the lie that everything is equal that there's no better and worse but all these people who run away from the Africa they ruin they can ruin any place: they ruined the muslim quarters of London, which is like Pakistan, they ruined Amsterdam and Stockholm, it's they, it's not the place. If they're not refugees they should ask permission to enter a State, as I as italian, to enter Switzerland have got to bring a document with me, I am entering swiss territory, I respect them: it's their land, it's not my land, and if they enter Italy they bring their document too, because they respect territoriality. Territoriality counts, the ones who've built and keep up a Country deserve respect, because if you don't respect you accept you're an enemy. Beggars don't conquer anything, they should politely ask and they in Italy, which is the thing that drives me crazy, not only don't ask, they don't even answer: we were told such things as "I don't want to stay in Italy, I want to go to Sweden, I don't want to be identified here", as if Sweden weren't a State, as if the Swedes had no ambassador, no consul to whom politely ask "May I, by the way, come to Sweden?" and as if they could choose. No, the africans don't want to know anything about visa, consuls, ambassadors, nothing. They think they have a right to have what the europeans have without doing the same things. The leftists fill them with the idea that in the West we've got what we've got because we are lucky, our culture, Religion, the Lord, Burocracy, everything that built us is put under the feet. They, the immigrants are africans, but the leftists must know they are lying. They are the real enemy, the traitors, the ones who are selling our lands to foreigners, not even selling, they want to give them for free.