We are seeing a situation where the countries that are more inefficient (Italy and Greece btw) try to impose their will to the efficient ones.

From Italy you can see only a big chaos, both for the inner and for the outer affairs. For the inner affairs Renzi managed to destroy the italian school, by september the headmasters of state schools can give the jobs in the school to whom they like, unless the teachers and other school workers sue him to the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg (and he deserves it) since the risk is the headmaster giving jobs to lovers, nephews comrades of political parties etc. It's a really immoral law, beyond imagination if you don't see it with your own eyes. On the international front, he's trying to impose the rotten italian system of allowing immigrants to do or not to do what they like, to the others. France has, rightly, I'm afraid, suspended Schengen. The immigrants are posh: they don't like Italy, they want Denmark or Sweden or sacred Albion / England, they were properly informed that if they are identified in Italy in Italy they must stay, the smugglers told them "refuse to be identified in a Country if you don't want to stay there" it was in the package they paid the smugglers for, probably: they know the Dublin's treaty better than the europeans, so now tell me that this wasn't a well prepared invasion. And it must fail. Fullstop. 
The immigrants who want to go to the richest and strongest of the european countries don't understand that if these countries did like Italy or Greece they would turn into Italy or Greece in a while. The strongest countries must stand still on the concept that they can't allow Italy to impose its chaos to the others. Renzi is a bit like Tony Blair, the duo DeBenedetti-Renzi is the italian twin brother of the duo Lord Rothschild-Blair: same system, same ownership of the lefty press, same television strategy, same use of active freemasons, who obey like idiots to orders that they deem unquestionable, inside the jury, the press, the tv, the political parties and the unelected burocracy all together to sign their score, they may have key roles these people, but they are relatively few and they can be stopped. There's no reason why african war refugees should be camped in Sicily or in Southern Italy and not a reason to let them go wherever they like across Europe, if the war is in Africa, also the refugees' camp must be in Africa, Africa is not exactly a little piece of land. Since Northern Africa must be resettled, the camp for the refugees should be there and should be protected by soldiers, NATO plus Arab plus Russia if they want to give a hand and don't tell me there's ISIS, ISIS has got only some knives and some rifles, they're not really a military superpower. And this time block any attempt of the american soldiers to rape people, tell them that no officers have the authority to order tortures or rape. Not even the ones who rule the Pentagon. Back to us: identify the freemasons who are active on this project of "invading Europe" and kick them off at any level. Remember that I'm saying freemason in the real sense of the word, not generically, they are really inscribed in the lodges.