We don't take 1 million refugees. If there is overpopulation is not my fault, it's the UN's fault.

I haven't got any child, my sister's got two, she works and pays for them, the State does a little discount on taxes for having two children, end of. My mother is an ex-working woman in pension, catholic, presumably observant, she had three children and I know for a fact that she never had an abortion.  What are we talking about? The overpopulation and that in Europe, we, according to the hated UN, should take 1 million immigrants/refugees from Africa? No. I don't take anything. It's the UN that caused overpopulation and the lefty obsession, that luckily in Italy wasn't approved, of giving a wage and a house to single parents. I know farmers who had two daughters, cops who had three sons with a housewife, which means only one wage in the family. The only thing they have, again, is tax discount, not tax credit, in some cases a little contribution not a wage. The poor, in Africa and India make 11 children like they're doing nothing. They don't care about raising them, or paying for them: they are poor, they think they have no duties and instead of making few children, they make many. Don't talk to me about abortion or mass sterilization because I am morally, radically against it, but I know christian people and I am sure they never had abortions who have two children in kind of 40 years marriage. From one to four, without abortion, and someone zero. So, what are we talking about? That people are uneducated and the poor think they haven't got parental duties. The liberals hate colonialism, the reality is that UN colonialism has just caused overpopulation. When they were not colonized in Africa and Asia and South America they were very few, to be honest, they died before 25, many as children, now they do the same number of children, but they don't die because the UN give them vaccines and they are 4 billion, in Europe we are 240.000.000/250.000.000 in the USA idem. Let's let them die? Stop giving them vaccines? I don't feel like proposing this as a solution, the solution is another, if you make children you've got to sustain them, not the reverse, you can make two or three or also four, but you father and mother have to work and pay for them. Black and white. The africans are treated as if they had no duties of any kind, they make children because someone else pays for them, and they make a lot and it is true that they don't care, in Africa many children are abandoned by living parents. In Europe wherever there is the child benefit equivalent to a wage plus the house, the white have started making children and passing the bill to the State, these children are not particularly well looked after, with all the money the State gives the mother they should look at least little bourgeoux instead of this, they look poor, because the mothers spend the money for themselves. Overpopulation is not my fault and we don't take any million immigrants.