What they're doing in the US is unconstitutional: they cannot legalize something nationwide without allowing all the citizens to vote.

The citizens of Texas didn't vote to have their say about gay weddings in other "liberal" states, and the constitution says nothing about gay weddings, because they didn't exist when the Constitution was written. Obviously it's a trick of the liberals, but this cannot pass. You can't have only the citizens in one state vote and impose the result to the others. If marriage must be a nationwide issue, then they must have a nationwide Referendum and if the conservatives win they've got to swallow the stone also in the other states. But this is ridiculous. I know that Kissinger said "what's illegal we do it now, for unconstitutional it takes longer" he intends to do illegal things and also unconstitutional, but they cannot strip of the right to vote the citizens of the states that didn't vote on the issue. The Judges of the High Court of the US are clearly very corrupted, probably freemasons or liberals: they cannot do it. If the issue is nationwide also the vote must nationwide, like the vote for the President of the USA and this is not being right wing, this is being democratic. This Left is truly horrible, please vote Trump. I've never seen anything like this in a western democracy: they vote in one region and they impose the result to the citizens of the other regions who couldn't vote. Are they joking? This mustn't pass.