Who pays for all this luxury at the Interalpen Hotel? We? Soros? Or the austrian taxpayers? Why have we got to pay and can't ask questions?

Either Soros or the Goldman Sachs pay, and in this case it is corruption, because if they pay such luxuries to politicians it's because they want something in change, at our expenses, or it's the taxpayers' money they use to stay in such luxury, like the aristocracy before the french revolution, and in that case, I don't see why we should pay for them to live like that and our journalists cannot ask questions. Infowars reporters have been pulled away by the austrian police, as if journalists had no right to testify, report and ask and we citizens had no right to know. I hope they end like the french aristocracy at the french revolution, because in any case, either they're corrupted or they're corrupted: austerity for you, because there is the crisis, and luxury for them. They enter the hotel with porsches, below there are the photographs  of the parking of the hotel and the rest you can se it on the website of the hotel. So, Revolution please, the french way.