Why Cazeneuve is right and he will find out the hard truth about the incompetence of the italian government.

The italian government is about to be shamed and blamed in Europe for the mishandling of the immigration problem. The French Minister of the Inner Affair, Bernard Cazeneuve will find out a level of incompetence that will leave him astonished: the italians, I'm italian too btw, have done nothing but shipping migrants, they didn't identify them, didn't distinguish between war refugees and clandestine immigrants, accepted that mafia took money from the immigrants for the shipping. They'll find out that Matteo Renzi is a vacuous politician incompetent on everything, they'll find out that he chose totally inexperienced people as his ministers, according to the rumours, because he didn't want to be contradicted by a person with more competence than him. Why we italians elected him? We didn't elect him: it's the third Prime Minister elected by a kabalah of freemasons outside Italy, if people want to know why I hate Freemasonry so much it's mainly because of two Prime Ministers imposed by Freemasonry and unelected by us italian citizens: Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti, they are destroying the Country because they are told to do so. It's a Rothschild government, David and Edouard de Rothschild say to Mr. Carlo De Bendetti what to say to Mr. Renzi, the two italians meet every thursday in a hotel in Rome and De Benedetti tells Renzi what to do: they want mass migration, ius soli, destruction of the √©lite italian school system, it's like we are governed by Lib√©ration and he Cazeneuve knows what this means. 
Dear Bernard, I'm asking you, don't send the illegal immigrants back to Italy send them back to Africa, please. We italian citizens never saw the people who are governing us during the electoral campaign, the politicians we had voted, the ones who had done the job during the elections, disappeared and were substituted by these ones: Mogherini, Renzi, Maria Elena Boschi they were all unknown to the majority of the italians, this is why people are shifting the more and more towards the right and the politicians they really know: we would never vote the things they're doing. If you see Mr. Rothschild, tell him. But be careful, an italian priest, Don Gianni Baget Bozzo, who was investigating to find the connections between the french Rothschilds and the italian lefty entrepreneur Carlo De Benedetti, died while writing a book about the Rothschild-De Benedetti link in the chain of world power. I don't want you to die. 

Truly Yours 

Paola Distilo