Why don't they simply stop picking up migrants from the middle of the sea? Or have I got to move to Switzerland too?

They go on. We europeans, britons included, don't want immigrants, we vote right, and we get immigrants, our governments, with our money, pick them up when they are still in libyan territorial waters, they don't even wait for them to enter italian or greek waters. This is it: they want more non white people in Europe. Because we did the Holocaust or because we were /are racist. The tribunal of the international Gotha Soros, Kissinger & Co. condemned us to become slaves in our own countries and we can't defend positions. Do you know what I hope? That all this will turn against them. Against their hated gay marriages and slutwalks, I hope they get stoned, I hope all the muslims imported in Europe become anti-semitic and kill Soros. Either they stop it or it must go against them.
Here it is, danish boat rescues migrants off the libyan coast and brings them to Italy. Thanks. We italians are happy.