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Systems must work, we cannot always hang on "help" we must stand on our feet. Angela Merkel, Schaeuble think like this and so do I.

Osborne is right, Schauble is right and the catholic-communists of the IMF are wrong. We'll all exit.

The Italian State is a human smuggler.

The EU is revealing its face: communist. They want to save Greece and make the system collapse like Sovietic Union, it cannot work.

Are "The Dukes of Hazard" and "Gone with the Wind" going to be prohibited? And the movies about the Romans? They had slaves too.

Clinton: "If I'm President, we will attack Iran". And we brave little soldiers...

ISIS elite, the ones with balaclava, look too much like professional soldiers. Don't take a rest on Ramadan. Burn witches. Are they muslims?

Beretta gun "i-Protect" is NWO. The gun is controlled by the head-quarter: it's offensive towards the agent, I'd never want a gun like this.

Christine Lagarde doesn't pay any taxes, also the Pope, because he's officially poor, how these people deserve being pulled down.

Donald Trump & Randal Paul must join forces, we must form a block too hard for the liberals to break.

We don't legalize gay weddings because the Supreme Court would add the right to gay adoption and this damages the children.

Thank the Supreme Court of Italy for this invasion of immigrants. The Bossi-Fini law must be activated all over Europe.

The Left and the Supreme Court illegally agreed to legalize gay-weddings: the rainbow lights were installed at the White House months ago.

Evan Delshaw and Lauren Southern or the power of the initiative. The proven evidence that people who can work, they work.