Are "The Dukes of Hazard" and "Gone with the Wind" going to be prohibited? And the movies about the Romans? They had slaves too.

The removal of the confederate flag makes me wonder why all these things are happening now. Why is the Left the Party of prohibition? Because they have approved all the lefty agenda that required free speech, in fact gay weddings and homosexuality and abortion and behaving like a "slut" needed free speech to be promoted when they were illegal, now they think: Mission accomplished. We don't need free speech anymore and we can start with the part two of the lefty project: prohibiting right wing culture. Which is like revealing their true faces: Soviet's Monsters. 
The confederate flag is a sign related to slavery, but so is the roman soldier on the American Express card, the romans had slaves, and any and every symbol taken from Egyptian ancient culture: the pyramids, their pyramids, were built by slaves. So they should please eliminate the Annuit Coeptis symbol, a pyramid in fact, from the dollar. Not even the Jews asked for the removal of the egyptian symbol because the Bible says the Jews had been slaves of the Pharaohs. The fantastic ancient Greek that the gays always put in the middle to justify historically their culture, they had slaves too. Many germans, white and blond, had been slaves of the romans, but the German have never wanted to remove the symbols of the roman power, they don't suffer, they don't care, they're not victims inside their head, inside their heads they're strong and this is the real difference. 

Scarlett O'Hara is the only symbol that has to be removed because some black in America still think that their ancestors were slaves because they were black. And what about the Jews? What about the German? What about the chinese who were slaves of their own country-fellows chinese emperors Ming? Historically, in some cases the slaves are of the same ethnicity of the masters in some other cases are not, in some cases are whiter, like the Celt or the German slaves of the romans in some other cases darker, like the black slaves of the anglo-irish pioneers, but do you know what? What they're doing in America now is cheap and it is strictly done against free speech. 
Now the leftists who used free speech to promote their agenda are trying to impose censorship. They must be stopped.