Beretta gun "i-Protect" is NWO. The gun is controlled by the head-quarter: it's offensive towards the agent, I'd never want a gun like this.

The gun controlled by the headquarter is offensive towards the agent or the soldier, first of all, if there is remote control it is hackable, it can be hacked, it becomes a drone, like those cars remotely controlled thanks to the damn chip. The man is not in control of the gun anymore, it's a new object that spies the agent as a matter of fact and moreover if it is hacked, and any computerized system can be hacked, the agent is lost. It's a very evil thing sold as a security system, if I were so rich I needed bodyguards I would never want my bodyguards to have a gun with the remote-control, if you trust a man enough to give him that job, you trust him enough to leave him in total control of the gun, people who work for the State in high position in Italy have carabinieri as bodyguards, I don't know why they should accept such hackable guns as the firearm of their own security. This is i-spy and i-control, not i-protect. Beretta is friend with Rockefeller and was deeply friend with Gianni Agnelli, the founder of the club of Rome, it was rumoured that the vatican bank the IOR ( Beretta is a northern italian catholic family) had shares in the "Pietro Beretta Holding spa" though the rumours were strongly denied by the family that published the names of the shareholders (very little things outside the family). Anyway, it's NWO the same. I'd never want a gun like this.