Christine Lagarde doesn't pay any taxes, also the Pope, because he's officially poor, how these people deserve being pulled down.

There's no reason why people who have a job at the UN and the IMF shouldn't pay taxes on their salaries in the Country of residence where they've got the citizenship, these people, who are strangling Greece, pay nothing for these salaries and this is not justifiable, also the pope doesn't pay anything because he's officially poor and lives on charity. They are beggars, their wages are like the charity you give to beggars, and they are monstrous, I'd rather exit all these anti-christic international, that are in reality over-national, institutions and go back to a strong nation allied with other strong nations. The Vatican and the IMF are bound by the Knights of Malta who dress like idiots, but have powerful recommendations for the jobs at the UN and the IMF, jobs you can get only per recommendation as a matter of fact: it's disgusting, these people have not the moral standards to decide for Greece, the Greek should better exit and we should exit too. As for the Vatican they're so corrupted and full with cardinals/wizards who do black masses that one day a King of Israel will pull them down the way they used to with the wizards kings and their idols in the Old Testament and nothing will be left of them, if not their stinking memory. The memory of how they mixed Jesus Christ with money and power and recommendations and corruption and mafia and orgies and prohibition of reading the Bible and worship of the bones of Saint Anthony and everything that's catholicism. And no one will miss it.