Clinton: "If I'm President, we will attack Iran". And we brave little soldiers...

Author: Maurizio Blondet;
Translated by Paola Distilo.

Candidate Hillary Clinton said it in a selected fund-raising meeting at Dartmouth College. Clearly, the selected few belonged to the well-known lobby, without whose favour and money no candidate has got the minimum hope to win the elections in the USA. The famous lobby is obviously very contrary (like Netanyahu) to the agreement about the iranian nuclear that Obama is trying to sign before it expires.
Hence Hillary reassured the very selected payers: "Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran. They are the world’s chief sponsor of existential threat to Israel".
Then, raising her voice and articulating clearly the words: 
I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

Gilad Atzmon diagnosed as "pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PreTS) the classic judaic mental illness which consists in letting oneself be stressed by a traumatic event "before" it happens, that probably won't occur, and often completely imaginary, so to justify the preventative aggression of the imaginary enemy till its total obliteration - with the aim to sedate the Pre-TS), or the imagined stress provoked by an enemy existing into the jewish fantasy. Hillary Clinton tickled at full such syndrome of the well-known lobby, promising that if it gives her the money to make her Ms. President, she'll do the war to Teheran. 
Because, she swore, " The United States stands with Israel now and forever. We have shared interests….shared ideals….common values". Then, almost fearing they may not believe her: "I have a bedrock commitment to Israel’s security.
(O)ur two nations are fighting a shared threat” against Islamic extremism. I strongly support Israel’s right to self-defense (and) believe America should aid in that defense.
I am committed to making sure that Israel maintains a military edge to meet increasing threats (imaginary, Ed.). I am deeply concerned about the growing threat in Gaza (and) Hamas’ campaign of terror".
It's the sad destiny of the ones who are hit by pre-Traumatic Stress: the more Israel destroys Gaza, where people still live among the ruins of the last bombing happened years ago, and the more it feels that "the menace of Gaza grows". Therefore it will be necessary to eliminate every single inhabitant of Gaza or one doesn't feel calm...
I imagine that Hillary then passed hat in the hand among the bystanders. Who must have filled it generously  of funds.Even if the competition in judaism of the other candidates is unchained, with this high C from the chest the lady seems to have exceeded at the diapason the shrieks of the competitors: make me president, and I'll annihilate Iran for you. So, just to please you.
One doubt only: won't there be too many irons in the fire? Right now the renowned Brooking's Institution got a plan ready for the american invasion of Syria; really direct invasion - no more through interposed ISIS - like Washington burnt for doing it from 2011, and in which it got frustrated by Putin's move; and the Pentagon with NATO is intensifying the preparations for the long-desired war to Russia. Preventative war, and nuclear war, to defend Ukraine and the baltic threatened (everybody knows it) of invasion by Moscow.
If you don't believe it, here it is the cover of the accurate study by Brooking's.

The plan is genial: since Assad's government, after all these years, doesn't fall yet and the population sustain it, one needs forcefully to put USA boots on the ground. Let it be done, the think-thank prescribes, creating " security zones" that the american special forces will keep with weapons; zones cleaned up for the moderate rebels where democratic terrorists will be able to exercise democracy. "If Assad were so dumb to menace these zones - the Project recites - he would undoubtedly lose his air-force in the course of the following bombings of retaliation, brought about by the same (special) forces, which would deprive his military of the sole advantage they've got in relationship with ISIS." So confirming that the reason of the project of invasion USA is really to help ISIS, that can't do it by itself.

As for the noble intention to incinerate Russia with preventative nuclear bombings, the project has got an even nicer cover:

Subtitle: a competitive strategic approach to defining US nuclear strategy and posture, 2025-2050. It was worked out by the CSIS, Center for Strategic and International Studies, another quiet place to think full of volcanic ideas which is rather stuffed with people of the Pentagon and the CIA. But don't let yourselves be tricked by the dates, rather far away in the future, from 2025 on; now, in the powerful and incessant military exercises that have been already in full course for weeks among  Ukraine, Poland and Germany to intimidate Putin, the atomic bombs are already integrated in the army manoeuvres. It was revealed by The Guardian.

We add that Ashton Carter, the new Minister of the Pentagon, is an enthusiast  of the idea of hitting Russia with tactic nuclear weapon, to punish her for having - according to them - violated the treaties on the middle-range atomic weapons. In reality, there's a great wish to experiment the new little jewels found by the pentagon: as the CSIS says, atomic bombs that are more usable, less potent but more precise and with special effects (ah, the special effects! Ed.) with less collaterals, a major radioactivity, and capacity to penetrate underground, with electromagnetic pulsations and other capacities measured to the advancing technology. In the certainty that Moscow cannot respond with weapons of equal efficaciousness, there's the temptation to risk  the preventative attack; so, if things go wrong, the atomic war will be in Europe, not in America.

 Adding that they have a couple of coloured revolutions on course (in Armenia and in Macedonia) with the intent of repeating another Maidan there too; that Ukraine has got to be armed to the teeth to be thrown to reconquer Crimea; that there's the militarization of all the countries of the East  bordering Russia assault tanks, vehicles and munitions positioned permanently (Carter said), a force of rapid intervention of 40.000 men - and all happening here, in Europe - one has got a will to raise the glaze from this rigid gelid wind of dementia blowing from Washington...and to look at the land of the civilization, of the culture and common sense.
Europe. What will Europe do?

Mogherini against Russia  

Europe will do a tv and some radio stations in russian language to "propagate european values" in countries of the East and in the same Russia. "The project of a chain of tv in russian language is supported by Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain", the Time wrote, and explained why: "diplomats understand that they are losing the information war against Russia".

"Against" Russia, notice it, please. The European Union participates to the war against Russia. The project was entrusted to the High Delegate etc etc. well yes, precisely her: Federica Mogherini.

Enthusiast with the task, she had already declared in january: "we work (now she uses the plural majestatis/the royal we, Ed.) to put in action a strategy of communication to face up to the propaganda in russian language!". We wait, steady on the ground, someone inform us when the Mogherini Network starts bombing the minds and the hearts of the East with our values.

What counts is the will: we are against Russia too, in our small way. 

And Berlin doubles in NorthStream with Putin 

Because the others, in their big way, they do better. When the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter landed in Berlin to get the preparations ready for war, he had been preceded by the following news: Gazprom and the German signed the agreement that will double the capacity of North Stream, the gas pipeline that passes under the Baltic. "With the help of Russia, Germany will become the energetic hub of Europe", the american review of the energetic sector, Trumpet, becomes alarmed: " increasing quantities of gas flow from germany and are distributed to Holland, belgium, France and Great Britain. In this way Germany augments the power of Russia, and Western Europe becomes dependent from Germany also for the energetic supplying".

But but but...But are they not in full course the hard sanctions against Russia, the way America had ordered us? The hard sanctions comprehend for us the renunciation of selling grana padano, mozzarella and all the rest...and Germany doesn't participate to the sacrifice?

No, Trumpet explains: "Don't let the cloud of actual conflict in Ukraine darken what's happening. Germany and Russia have got a history of secret cooperation - even if the front page titles make believe the contrary...Once the (doubled) pipeline is finished, almost all the East of Europe will be cut off the gas business. There won't be any need to convey the gas through Ukraine, Poland, Rumania, Bielorussia, Hungary and Slovakia".

What do you think? I almost rejoice at the news. It shows that not everybody is seduced by the and infected by the gelid wind of dementia blowing from Washington. Like in the orwellian Animal Farm, "where all animals are equal, but the pigs are more equal than the others", the pigs couldn't care less about the sanctions and make big strategic deals with the Enemy. They make us, good little obedient soldiers, do the war. But at least it is comforting to see that we italians, the founding members of Europe,  obedient little soldiers of the Parmesan war, are not taken from the tragic americanoid dementia; on the worldly scene we are the usual Collective Cretin made a fool of by the powers, grateful for the privilege of being deigned by them to pay for the bad investments done by the german banks in Greece. We, the founding member.

If we don't exit the NATO right now, it ends up that we'll be the only ones to go to war on Russia. Maybe together with Tallinn and Warsaw, you know the pleasure.

Italian original: "La Clinton: Io presidente attaccherò l'Iran...e noi bravi soldatini"