Osborne is right, Schauble is right and the catholic-communists of the IMF are wrong. We'll all exit.

I want Italy, my country, to exit the eurozone because we italian need to produce and to export and to give a minimum of social welfare to the truly needy, very few but very true. With this euro currency we cannot do it. We need another. The German want to play with people who respect the pacts and pay back their debts because their economy works well only because they are very precise, without precision a german just cannot work, the german are like this: either precise or nothing. It's a culture if you don't like it don't play with them. Osborne and the Briton are sick and tired to do the cuts, save money and then having to handle them to save someone else that mismanages the finances of the State. Always. I believe that this would be the third greek bail out, the third is too much. Goldman Sachs accused Mario Draghi, an ex-goldman man (he worked for them like all the other bureaucrats), to have done tricks to allow Greece in the eurozone knowing that their economy didn't stick to the eurozone requirements.
What's all this? This is catholic-communism. A concept that many italians, particularly the anti-clerical ones, are familiar with: catholic-communism is the end of capitalism and the western prosperity system based on criteria like free market, paying the debts, keep a taxation that allows entrepreneurialism flourish, use the welfare to help only the really vulnerable, and pushing people to do the best they can, like those marines who lost the legs in war but go on doing fitness and sport the same on a wheelchair, or like those down syndrome boys who have special training to work as bakers and very often do pizzas and they tell you it was done by a down syndrome boy after you've eaten it to make you realize you wouldn't notice it. But no, the catholic-communists, on the contrary, consider vulnerable also the perfectly healthy ones and they want money to keep up an unsustainable welfare, overtaxing the ones who work and accusing of being uncharitable the right-wingers who oppose it, all this until the system collapse and they don't care. It is communism brought about with smooth christian catholic justifications, like if you don't accept all the illegal immigrants coming into your country (and who said it is "your" country, after all? the land belongs to God) and don't accept to give them a living wage and a house at taxpayers expenses you...you what? Let me understand. You know they want to say "You'll go to hell" but they haven't got the courage at that point they say "and you say you're christian?" you want not to re-bail out Greece for the third useless time, you don't want to accept all illegal african immigrants in Italy and pay a wage to them only because there's a lot of unemployment and italy is in debt and you say you're christian? No. At this point I say "No, I'm not christian, go to hell and stop breaking me the balls". But I hate them. 
The catholic communists control the IMF, I had told you we have evidences and witnesses of people who were offered a job at the IMF by members of the Order of the Knights of Malta (ask David Icke), which is under the Vatican, Knights of Malta who are organizing the resettlement of the immigrants once they reach Lampedusa, from where already 5.000 children disappeared because the catholic communists don't want to identify them on the base that they don't want to be identified, as if, as an italian citizen, I could tell a Prefect who wants my document or a self declaration of identity "Go to hell, Prefect, I don't give you, I want to go to Sweden unidentified." The immigrants can do it, because the Vatican, the Knights of Malta and the leftists (which is what's left of the italian communist party, PCI) want to make the italian state fall apart, to allow themselves to take over through the over-national institutions they control. 
They talk like priests because they are priests, at the top, cardinals, they always help the Left, also in Britain, once upon a time they used to play the double game, now they are all on the other side. Pope Francis is inside of this. When they tell you "this is not your land, the land belongs to God" where do you think this concept comes from? And if it belongs to God, it's the knights of Malta who have to handle it, obviously. Or the UN which means freemasonry, which is under the Knights of Malta. 
Now, why do they want to keep Greece in the Eurozone? Because they want globalization. For them the order is: destroy the State, the Nation. This is because the Nation can keep them in their place, there's nothing to take over. And what do they want? Catholic-communism. That means that the Greek haven't got to pay, the rich brother, the bad one, the german and also the briton they have the money, they have to re-pay. Like this we end up like Sovietic Union.  This is not economy, this is not prizing competition, this is letting one work and ten live with the money of the only one who works, the others are "the vulnerable" and so on. 
Do you believe I'm joking? No, I'm not. They make systems fall. They made eastern Europe fall and now they want to make western Europe fall the same. Remember Kennedy, he was a catholic communist too and he probably was told by the superior level that he had to fill the USA with immigrants like Obama. And he got shot, we don't know why. Yes, Kennedy had a superior level too and we think he got shot when he wanted to disobey to some orders he probably disliked. Welcome to the real world. Save the West. Schauble is right and yes, Osborne can't give the Greek the money he took from british taxpayers' pockets. Let's be honest. 

As for Italy I hope we'll be accompanied outside the eurozone before the cash-machines stop giving us our money. But the catholic-communists are still there wanting globalization at any price, and accusing of not being a real christian (but who cares?) and ...going to hell? what else? the ones who want to save Italy.
My Country was strong when it helped the entrepreneurs creating jobs, with this currency it seems we cannot do it, even in the North entrepreneurialism is suffocated by the overtaxation imposed by the system, plus the austerity measures and the consequential loss of jobs in the public sector, but what are we talking about? Why are we staying in? For a dogma of a couple of cardinals and bankers gone crazy who want the one world at any price? I don't need any one world. What's the use of it? Last week I paid a service to a danish provider, I paid in euro and they did the conversion in danish crowns. Where's the nazism in all this? Why are we considered bad only for not using the same currency? What's the problem? 
The poverty is the problem, changing money is not a problem. People robbed of their own money by the banks, crying at the empty cash-machine is the problem. Do I hate the Danes only because we haven't got the same currency? No. Are we going to do a war? No. The real problem is the catholic-communists, because they have no rationality, they never had, they've got only dogmas. And the euro for them is a dogma, this is why they defend it beyond any reason, but we have to stop giving them credit, they are like this, they cannot rule anything. And we have to stop giving them importance.