Systems must work, we cannot always hang on "help" we must stand on our feet. Angela Merkel, Schaeuble think like this and so do I.

Mrs. Merkel let the palestinian girl cry, but I can tell you that some leftist had fed the palestinian girl with the words she said to accuse right wing politicians to be heartless, I explained to you how it works in my articles about "catholic-communism" which was used to destroy eastern Europe and now, not sated, is being used in the attempt to destroy also the West. The West will resist, some politicians and powerful people just refuse to do illogic things only because the Left cries they are pitiless, which they are not. I may do the list, from the nonsense of the jobseeker's allowance, which is not the unemployment's allowance, it's the money before you start working not if they sack you, so it is you who don't want to work it's not the job-giver sacking you , to the reception of all immigrants at taxpayers' expenses, so again it's not immigrants who come legally to work inserting themselves into the system, it's immigrants who come illegally and don't work which is destructive of the system, to the never-ending flow of money to the single mothers till being a single mother becomes more economically beneficial than to build a family or allowing one's children having a dad. This is the "christianity of the devil" the devil who does evil things playing the christian, "to help people in need" but does it in a way that destroys an entire system, economic, social and moral. The same goes for gay weddings and gay adoption "otherwise gays suffer" which is a weird concept if you consider how much the son of a surrogate mother will suffer when handed, newborn, to a couple of men where he has no mother anymore because "gays suffer". 
Well, let's go back to economy, the german system economically works, if you like it you should apply the german rules and system in your land, given that it's true that Germany is not big enough to take in all the people who want to go there only to spoil the system with their original culture and then to say the german are bad, racist, nazi and so on, those people who don't want the week-end, they want friday off, who don't want christmas, want the ramadan, they don't want Germany, they just want to be helped going on like this another couple of years till also Germany collapses like the Country they come from. Apply the system that works in your Country beginning with yourself and stop. No, applying a western system in Asia or Africa is deemed colonialism but then it's true that the german can take or not take in Germany whom they like, the same goes for the others. You don't want colonization? And I am free not to want immigration. People must be informed about the consequences of their decisions, but then they must be free to choose. Choose well. If I were a voodoo girl, I'd rather be culturally colonized by the lutherans: you do the same, you'll have the same result. End of. Two plus two makes four in Africa and makes four in Germany and two minus five makes debts in Greece and would make debts in Germany if they did it: the difference is that the german don't do it, if they did it they would have debts too.
All the "christian" written into quotation marks about right wing politicians who don't fall into a chaotic non-solution answer every time the UN show someone who cries tonight can bother me less than a mosquito: it's just fastidious and I don't care. I don't care because I know what they want, they want your money and they want to destroy your State and your culture and if you give the technical solution directly to the african and asian they call it cultural racism and colonialism then go to hell, if you don't know mathematics, you're just ignorant or have an appetite for destruction of the West for reasons that can only be worse than the ones we can imagine.
Mario Draghi thinks he knows that the greek debt must be lightened, but he does know better that the euro generates a systemic error, the systemic error is the error that re-occurs constantly because it's generated by a key element of the system; you re-bailout now, you could re-bailout again later, but it's the euro system that generates these crisis, you have to change system before it's really too late. In economy the only dogma is that by the end of the day people must earn. 
People like Schaeuble, Osborne, Merkel understood that the eurozone at 19 is a system that generates errors continuously and Draghi knows it's mathematics: Cyprus, Greece, the cash-machines empty, Italy waiting for its turn, is Draghi crazy to insist going on like this? or did the "Illuminati" tell him? Illuminati who are definitely crazy people and should be closed into a psychiatric hospital, certainly not let run an international monetary fund. Come on, tell them to go back saying the mass and leave economics and mathematics to people who studied it. There's a big difference between things that work and things that don't work, it's not the same and in the end it's not high priests, black or white, who can decide about this, can't you see what they're doing?