Thank the Supreme Court of Italy for this invasion of immigrants. The Bossi-Fini law must be activated all over Europe.

The habit of the Supreme Courts of giving a heavy hand to the Left is not an exclusive of the americans, the Left is dogmatic and corrupted, because even if they don't realize it, but they'll realize it in the future, they descend from the gay lobby in the Vatican, the chain of lefty gay power is this:
Gay Vatican - Knights of Malta - Freemasonry - corrupted politicians. This is why freemasons are obliged to push the gay agenda, even against their own will (the Vatican doesn't care about your will, the only will they care about is their own, they despise lays, whether they're good or bad priests their feeling of superiority doesn't change) and to push globalization, even against their own will again and politicians do things that are utterly illogical. Immigration is necessary to make national countries break down, in Britain they already don't know how to deal legally with all the communities they've got on their territory, because people want too different laws, this mass immigration is directly aimed to making the Country break apart, the Vatican knows it but they want it 'cause they want to be the saviours of the poor through the money of the rich donors, they never wanted to depend on national states and democracy, they like to name people from above, not to have elected people who have power from the citizens and are independent from them, they always, before giving a job, want the vow of obedience and don't you realize that this is the same technic they use in freemasonry? Don't you realize how the same freemasonry tries to make you feel guilty, about immigration and gay weddings, and to think that if you disobey them, you're bad? It's the same technic of the priests because it comes directly from the priests, because it comes from the same place: the Vatican, even if it seems strange. Maurizio Blondet once wrote that to be a gay priest means you lie continuously, for you, to be double faced  and a liar is normality. They don't want to lose the money of the catholic observants, but they don't like the rules, so they do the double game catholic church/freemasonry. To exit would mean be too honest and they would lose the money and the power that comes from controlling and representing one billion catholics. Why should they do it? They rather lie. So,
Gay Vatican -
Knights of Malta -
Freemasonry -
This is the gay vatican's favourite scheme of power, the judges for them are important particularly because they can escape the law, not be prosecuted when they do crimes and push the gay and immigration agenda against the people when the Left cannot win, they better have the judges directly in freemasonry to have them swear fidelity to them and then move them the way they like. Many italian judges fell into this and also many americans.
The Bossi-Fini law prohibited quite simple two things: picking up migrants in the middle of the sea, like the australian, and legalizing the illegals who eventually managed to reach Italy the same. This law must be approved and activated all over Europe, to prevent Europe be invaded. Eventually it can be rewritten and signed with two other names, but conceptually it must be the same.
How freemasonry acted with this law:
being unable to stop Berlusconi and the other minor right wing parties, mainly for the gay and immigration agenda of the Left, after ten years this law had been working in holy peace, having being approved by the Supreme Court active at the time the law was set up, the new lefty Supreme, took it back, and declared the judges who were their predecessors were wrong and declared it unconstitutional. From the very next day the mass immigration from Africa started again. Now we have to put an end to this gay-vatican/masonic/lefty power, re-activate this anti-immigration law all across Europe and take back control of it again.