The EU is revealing its face: communist. They want to save Greece and make the system collapse like Sovietic Union, it cannot work.

Merkel is not "bad" because she didn't want to save Greece, it is obvious that Greece is not fit to stay in  the Eurozone, it is clear that they don't want to let her go, because of a sort of lefty/soviet/communist dogma that states the offensive lie: rich countries are just "lucky" therefore they must pay for default countries that are just "unlucky" there's no merit, no guilt, only luck and bad luck, like the african are unlucky, it's not their fault if they got HIV from animals during voodoo rituals, we bigot christians or atheist or effing jews who bother telling them not
to indulge into demonic voodoo that makes them fall into a state of trance in which state of trance they can do the most incredible, animal like, orgiastic things mixed with innocent animals who want only to run away from these humans gone crazy, there, innocently, they get HIV and according to the Left we are the bigot and they are normal africans we haven't got to colonize telling them to stop, they are unlucky that's all and we have to pay for them, we haven't got to teach them, we've got nothing to teach, we are just damn lucky. And this is why the Left is always wrong: they never give honor to the merit, they think the concept of merit is superomistic and racist. 
Now tell me the economic meaning of re-saving Greece. If it doesn't fit it doesn't fit. The Greek will have to pay very high taxes and accept the cuts, the debt seems anyway un-repayable other european countries will have again to put the money for it and what for, after all? Not to give Putin the chance to expand his power in western Europe. Only for this reason. 
But like this we risk to collapse all like Sovietic Union, debt after debt, with strong economies made poorer than if they were on their own, because the elite of the illuminati is always

the same catholic/communist kind: you are lucky and you pay for your unlucky brother, without teaching him anything, because thinking you can teach it would be sin of arrogance and he hasn't got to be independent anyway, this is out of the question, independent he would get arrogant and question the Pope or the UN, like you. Pope Francis likes to stroll around poor people and play the good one, he's like Bon Geldof, but why do they have to run Europe? Without prizing the merit and teaching how to be independent we'll end up all poor. Maybe Pope Francis will be happy, but he's an economic ignorant, people who are not economic ignorant know this cannot go on. 
I'm italian, give me my national currency back, we were richer in the eighties and in the nineties, in Italy we are seriously thinking about going back controlling the currency from Rome with a powerful Governor of the Bank of Italy and the supervision of the Minister of the Treasury, we would export more, the rich german tourists would spend the double of what they spend now, inside the Country many citizens wouldn't even notice the crisis, we would notice it only if we go abroad in richer countries like Sweden or Switzerland or Germany. 

Renato Brunetta, one of the most intelligent italian right wing economist tries to introduce the concept of a Referendum for Italy to have back economic and monetary independence, but...but...but...he's with Berlusconi, we have the problem that the illuminati and the reptilians and the Vatican they don't want to let us go, we can die of hunger, we can be unemployed, we can be underpaid and for them it's ok. God save Italy and the rest of the world. Mario Draghi knows it: like this we are not getting anywhere. Mario, you know it.