The Italian State is a human smuggler.

  1. Human smuggling is the importation of people into a country via the deliberate evasion of immigration laws. This includes bringing illegal aliens into a country, as well as the unlawful transportation and harboring of aliens already in a country illegally. 
  2. Tell me if this is not what the Italian State is doing. Renzi obeys to freemasonry, freemasonry wants more african and asian people in Europe, just as they want more mexican and non white immigrants in the USA and the Italian State is doing, as a matter of fact, the smuggler. They go and take the immigrants when they're still in libyan waters, don't identify them, because they are mainly central africans, and then smuggle them to Europe. Stop Renzi. 

    Then there's another point: Greece. Instead of Grexit and going back to a natural national economy, freemasonry wanted Greece to stay in the Eurozone at any price, and let Germany fix the price. The price is so high that I don't see how it is possible that the Greek will have a better future in the Euro than if they exited. Th euro is the euro, with that currency I'm afraid the average Greek can only be poor and overtaxed. But do you know what the freemasonic UN was thinking about in all this? If Greece exits the eurozone, they won't take immigrants from Africa anymore, that was their problem. The Greek, after all, may dare and do what Renzi doesn't dream to do: close the doors of Europe to the illegal immigrants, which for freemasonry and all of its servants seems to be the great danger to avoid, and which for many europeans, the hated "white christians" would be a liberation. One day I have to know why, for freemasonry, is such a problem that in Europe there are so many "white christians" when they say "white christians" is like they say the bubonic plague, it's like the feminists when they say "men" and we all know what it means. I come from Southern Italy, the average is less white than in other places of Europe, but that's not really the point, the point is why freemasons stay there and think about "In Europe there are too many white christians" I mean, it's like saying in China there are too many people with almond eyes, it's not normal that some people think it strange or against the human rights of the others, moreover, let alone the white thing, Christianity makes society more comfortable than other religions, wherever Christianity is dominant life is automatically more comfortable than in the places where it is dominant another theory, be it atheism (Sovietic Union and China) be it Islam not to mention voodoo and also many Jews admit they rather stay in Europe and the USA and not in Israel where Judaism is dominant. Jesus brings good luck probably, at the UN one day will admit it.