The Left and the Supreme Court illegally agreed to legalize gay-weddings: the rainbow lights were installed at the White House months ago.

They are totally corrupted, the leftists do control the Supreme Court, they decided to legalize gay weddings against the opinion of the citizens and without allowing the Republicans to vote, this is why those expensive and complicated rainbow lights were installed at the White House months before the sentence of the supreme Court. They installed them months ago because they knew it would be legalized because they had corrupted the Supreme Court judges, who, at this point, should be processed for corruption and for total lack of neutrality and for actively fight against the Republican Party. Judges cannot do what they like. These judges must be processed for corruption and for pushing masonic, lefty agenda instead of upholding the real Constitution of the USA.

Obama is the black President who re-legalized slavery through the TPP, canceling the anti-slavery clause, he's a total piece of shit. He's a puppet of the Council on Foreign Relations, he has no backbone and no character, the black President who re-legalized slavery: he has no dignity, he does everything Rockefeller asks him to, from gay weddings to even cancel the anti-slavery clause from the TPP, and people shouldn't accuse him because he's black? Rockefeller thinks he's cunning, but this cannot happen, he has to be accused. Like the judges who got an agreement with the Democrats to overstep the Republicans over gay weddings have no dignity and have to be formally prosecuted for selling the vote, because it's impossible that the White House knew the result so long ago to organize the installation of the rainbow lights. The Congress, the other institutions and the honest americans must take back control of the situation, all this cries impeachment. They bought the judges, it is logic.