Assad must stay. The Americans have no right to topple him, what they're doing is illegal and they must stop.

I want to be clear with President Obama: you are playing the fool.

The israeli hawkish neocons are asking you what they don't dare ask Israel self.

Israel said: we are not against or pro Assad, we are against chaos.

Israel trades freely with Russia and doesn't sell only oranges it sells also drones and very expensive and sophisticated war machines, you and we europeans, the idiots of this world, don't dare and sell fruit to Putin because there is the embargo, as if Putin could kill the ukrainians with oranges and apples and not with the drones Israel sends them while your pro Israel neocons "break the balls" continuously to you.

In Europe we must get rid of the pitiful anti-russian pro immigrants masons who want to destroy us because they were paid, bribed to do so. Angela Merkel is being spied either by your NSA or by the GCHQ or both and anyway she, probably blackmailed with the result of the intense spying she was object of, is doing the interest of the masons and anti-european globalists and not the interests of the german and us european citizens. If she had Europe at her heart she should resign. Germany mustn't be destroyed and Europe too.

Why don't you stop saying Assad must go? Let Israel saying it cause in no way Assad is a threat to the american citizens, just like Russia isn't. If Israel trades with Russia it cannot impose through its lobbists not to trade with Russia to you and us, let them not trade with Russia themselves first and lose the money of the trade. And if they want to get rid with Assad for the Golan and its oil, let them say clearly by themselves. Would the Golan's oil be yours? No. The way they do it's easy: they tell you to be against Russia and against Assad while declaring themselves neutral. And tell Kagan to be on a diet, I'm afraid he's eating too much.

As for the human rights Assad and Putin would have broken, honestly we european and american are shamelessly trading with China, where newborn babygirls are killed and women who want two children are forced to abort the second and you know, I am a second child and a woman too, with these criteria they would have killed me twice I may wish not to trade with China, in Russia women are respected and russian women are strong and independent, so what are we talking about? Human rights, really? No, and you know it. 

Obama and Kerry, I am talking directly to you.