Britain would be much richer if it exits the EU: it's mathematical and maths never lies. The EU commissioners do.

Mathematics never lies; tell me on which mathematical base any europhile can really boast that the UK would "lose" something leaving the EU.

Being the EU very welfarist and taking money from the rich countries to give it away and with no return to the poor ones (money given, not invested) and being the UK the second net contributor to the EU budget after Germany, and being the UK asked to pay benefits to the EU citizens who happen to set a foot to Britain after a month - if Cameron wins something - and being 17 out of 28 (half plus three) EU countries in deficit of which 2, Greece and Cyprus, already failed, tell me how is it mathematically possible that it is convenient for the UK to stay in? They'll lose a lot of money, adding the african and asian "refugees" that are not like the immigrant workers of the past, who entered a country, had to work and earn a wage in one week and lived honestly with the money of their wage: no the EU want to put them as a burden on the welfare and their High Court want to declare this a human right of the migrant the guest State cannot disattend, Britain is going to be poor if it stays and Cameron and Osborne know it.
What is the EU doing to convince the Brits to stay? Their best job: blackmailing people who want to step out: They are forcing the UK farmers to advertise for the EU, but imbeciles of farmers wake up, if Britain is the second net contributor to the UK it's technically british money they are giving you just adding the label "EU" on it. Britain as a country would be much freer and richer outside. Without having to pay for Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia, Lettonia, Lituania plus other two, without having to pay for all the citizens of these countries hanging out in London (9 millions inhabitants, all but the brits probably) your government would have so much money you could do what you like.

And if they don't let you trade with Germany and Sweden? Are you kidding? It's impossible because Germany and Sweden wouldn't be able to trade with you who are quite rich, with whom could they trade? With Cyprus and Greece? And even if this happened, but it is an utter nonsense, lift the embargo against Russia and you would get even much richer than you are now. Israel trades freely with Russia, it's the western europeans who are playing the fool.

When you entered the EU it was a trading pact among 8 rich countries, now it's a caravan of 80% benefits claimants and 20% payers plus the immigrants, all claimants. Are you joking?